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Help Writing a Narrative Paragraph

Narrative writing is basically about narrating a story. In this style of writing, the writer usually narrates a real life incident or a real life experience in a written form. Narrative writing is solely depends on writer’s mood. Whether a writer wishes to share his personal experience or wants to instruct and entertain the readers with some informative or interesting stories. While writing a story, the writer not just tells the story but also tries to convey the moral of that story. Narrative writing can be written in any form such as e-mails, blogs, essays, cover letters and many more. Some of the important tips are discussed underneath for better understanding of narrative writing techniques.

1. To start a narrative paragraph, one needs to think an experience or incident or good old memories, which he or she wants to share with others. It is ideal to narrate stories in paragraphs as it will stimulate reader’s interest in understanding the entire story. While writing even a small incident or experience, a writer should ensure that it should be written in an interesting manner and connect to readers’ emotion.

2. It is advisable for a writer to use those words that illustrate the story in a better way and give readers an opportunity to imagine that incident. It has been observed that stories based on personal experience mostly connect with readers as these are naturally written. Hence, it is ideal to write personal stories in a creative manner.

3. In narrative paragraph, one can also write memoir writing, which is written in the form of an autobiography of an eminent personality. Autobiographies are written when a writer have enormous knowledge on one’s personal life and experience.

4. A person can also write family narrative. This paragraph writing generally contains family history including the story of grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc. A writer narrates the story of a family like how a family began, where they used to reside, what rituals they used to follow and many more. Family stories also connect with readers’ emotion as these convey the thoughts and belief, which they have been following since ages.

5. In all types of narrative writings, you will find story telling that narrates a theme in a creative and interesting manner. Non-fictional stories, poems, autobiographies and essays all comes under narrative writing.

The best way to write narrative paragraph is to describe the main character then narrate the scenes and settings and after that move through a plot, which will describe the beginning, middle and end part of a story in a detailed manner.