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Question:Between the black pages of the album, ancient photographs dimly revealed the grim faces of ancestors nervelessly paralysed in different attitudes of thought and apparent concentration.

Answers:Hey, Moo. Nouns (identify person, place, thing or idea): pages / album / photography / faces / ancestors / attitudes / thought / concentration Adjectives (modify, describe or characterize nouns): black / ancient / grim / paralysed / different / apparent Adverbs (modify adjectives): dimly / nervelessly Hope this helps.

Question:i need 5 but i only have 3 and i cant think of anymore. its for my assignment that's due tomorrow... and the adjectives cannot repeat... 1) winter is my least favorite season. 2) math is the hardest subject in my opinion. 3)i had the most wonderful time at my best friend's house. please help me!

Answers:You may think that cheating is the easiest way out, but in the end, you only hurt yourself.

Question:What are the adjectives and adverbs in these sentences? 1. Many scientists built unsuccessful airplanes before brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright built their airplane. 2.The brothers eagerly asked the Smithsonian Institution for a list of books on aeronautics. 3.They read several articles by Otto Lilienthal and his American counterpart, Octave Chanute. 4. The Wrights' first idea was a kite; however, they soon decided on a building glider. 5. Breezy and sandy, the beaches at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, seemed nearly perfect for their experiments.

Answers:Adjectives: 1) Many; unsuccessful; their 20 The; the; a 3) several; his; American 4) The; Wrights'; first; a; a (did you mis-type this? Should it be: "on building a glider"?) 5) Breezy; sandy; the; perfect (predicate adjective); their Adverbs: 1) I'm not sure; before answers the question when they built. It may be one. 2) eagerly 3) (none) 4) soon 5) nearly This is what I think they are, but don't take my word for it. Adjectives modify nouns and answer the questions what kind, which one, how many, how much, or whose. Adverbs modify mostly verbs, but also adjectives and other adverbs and answer the questions where, when, how, how often, or to what extent. I also included articles which are adjectives. Check each adjective I put down and see if it answers one of those questions. They all come before nouns except "perfect" which is a predicate adjective because it follows a linking verb and describes the subject "beach." Likewise, check each adverb to see if it answers the questions and describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. I hope this helps somewhat.

Question:Sentence: Hard to resist the fear of killing a man for the first time, the young prince's mind was filled with the idea of running. Is it OK to start a sentence with adjective in this case? Thank you for your instruction.

Answers:Yes it's okay to start it with an adjective, in fact it makes your sentence sound much more diverse isntead of the regular old structure. But I agree with one of the answers here that says you should put "Finding it hard..." Other than that the sentence is good. I don't know the actual term/grammar behind it but I do believe that in this case and with what your sentence means starting it off with "Hard to resist" isn't actually correct, because in this case "hard to resist" is more of a verb than an adjective. Which is why you should include "Finding it hard to resist..." in order to make the sentence more accurate. I hope my wording wasn't too confusing, and I hope this helps.

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