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harcourt math practice workbook grade 4 answer

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Question:ok so i left my book i neeed the question for page 42 plzzz somebody who ever does i will give you points plzzzzzz harcourt practice book plzzzz help

Answers:you could just call a friend and copy the page with a copy machine. if your friend had already filled it out, white out the answers on your paper copy. hope i helped! good luck!

Question:I need an answer key for my math workbook because I'm having trouble! Please tell me one I can flip through online!

Answers:well, in the verry back of the book, the answers are there under the page #

Question:Hi am looking for Harcourt Math and Harcourt Language books for grades 1-6 as well as any other books and tests booklets and activites that compliment these specific books. I've already tried several websites but can't seem to find all of the books moreover there are books that are Florida versions or California versions I don't want those ones I want the NATIONAL VERSIONS. Harcourt Math Book 1 National version is green with a rabbit on it. Harcourt and Brace have many different math and language books; such as Mathlethics but the ones that i are looking for are HARCOURT MATH.......HARCOURT LANGUAGE....please help!! if you know of more than one website please list them all for me I would really appreciate it.....thank YOu all!!

Answers:Amazon has the answer. So does openlibrary.org. Hope that helps

Question:My son needs to register on the web site for harcourt and we can not do it with out an author name and he didn't bring the book home, of course.

Answers:Math Author(s): Maletsky, Evan A.; Andrews, Angela Giglio; Bennett, Jennie M.; Burton, Grace M.; Luckie, Lynda A.; McLeod, Joyce C.; Newman, Vicki; Roby, Tom; Scheer, Janet K. ISBN: 0153347430 Format: Hardcover Pub. Date: 1/1/2004 Publisher(s): Harcourt School

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Harcourt Math Lesson 9.2 4th grade :Drew explains how to use the order of operations when solving multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problems.

Harcourt Math Lesson 9.3 4th grade :In this video, Drew explains how we can use variables when solving multiplication and division problems.