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grassland biome food chain

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Question:I have to do a project for school on biomes and am having trouble finding the food chain of prairie grassland biomes. Can anyone help me out?

Answers:grass- grasshoper, grasshoper - frog , frog-snake,snake-eagle eagle-bacteria all humaus by the action of bacteria

Question:I need a really gross fact about it. Anything that makes you say "ewww." It can be about the animals or plants or anything. I also need to design a small food web, and i'm trying to find one on the internet and i can't. Can any of you send me a picture or maybe tell me the animals and plants i could use for one? That would be such a big help. Thanks!

Answers:Dung beetles that live in grasslands lay their eggs in poop


Answers:Savanna: is a grassland with scattered individual trees. Found covering: Central South America, central and South Africa, and parts of Australia. Soil is generally porous with a thin humus layer. 3 distinct seasons: cool and dry; hot and dry, and warm and wet in that order. Frequent fires inhibit invasion of trees. Large herbivores ( giraffes, zebras) are commonly most active.

Question:HELP!!!! I have a report i am supposed to do and can't find a food chain with 8 organisms in the Taiga (biome)!!!!

Answers:Taiga (biome) This is one that i found for you. Check out the 2nd link as it is more involved. From the Trees, to the Beetle, to the Squirrel, to the Fox, to the Bacteria http://terriffictaiga.blogspot.com/2007/04/this-is-flow-of-energy.html http://www.tutorvista.com/biology/taiga-biome-food-chain

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The food chain :The grassland ecosystem and the food chain.