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grade 6 social studies lesson plans

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Question:I would like to base my lesson plan on the Native Americans. i have to come up with two different plans, both on the same subject. I am interested in any ideas or free lesson plans that could be found online.

Answers:Two great resources for teachers are http://oyate.org/ and http://www.cradleboard.org/ Both sites have large American Indian input to provide authentic, non-stereotypical, cross curricular activities to teach about historical and contemporary American Indian issues.

Question:I need help with the following terms. I have a test tomorrow and forgot my book at school. 1.)Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation 2.)Colonial charters became____________ 3.)Magna Carta 4.)After Revolution, farmers_______________ 5.)Daniel Shays 6.)Northwest Ordinance 7.)James Madison 8.)New Jersey Plan 9.)Virginia Plan 10.)Great Compromise 11.)Slave Trade 12.) Rhode Island 13.)Change the Constitution? **I would look them up myself but im working on other work in my advanced classes. It would be great if you can help! Thanks!** -Becky

Answers:Dear Becky when we get to take our tests it's absolutely forbidden to forget books at home because it's case - sensitive and because i'm very but pretty severe with whatever has to deal with learning, teaching and tests Sorry but in this matter you need a good punishment in order to remember the next time to get your books with you because if i answer that will be cheating. Do you want it? I'm sorry my BECKY but this is your lesson for today No Answer about anything above so this action is not going to be repeated again. Good luck with your tests.

Question:I am going to be teaching 6th grade social studies next year. I need tips and ideas on how the class should be organized, how I should teach social studies (not what, I got the what I should teach) , fun hands on interactive project ideas and steps to do it if necessary, movies that would be good to use ect. My students are going to be mostly low level students with lower reading levels. The school I work at does not have a lot of money, not many computers. I also do not have a lot of space. I don't want to lecture all day and I don't want students just reading all day either. But I don't know other ways. The more detail the better! Thanks!

Answers:This is called Methods of Teaching and is a required course at many universities so, many books offering suggestions are available. No money, no supplies, no problem, if you know what to do. Chit chat in the classroom Bill, where do you live? Does the street go east and west? How do you know that? What type of trees did you pass on the way to school? When I was your age I had to walk five miles to school and it was up-hill, both ways. Do you walk up-hill. How did that hill get there? Suzie, and the class can bring boxes to class to make poster boards. Now draw the outline of a Country on the cardboard Add a river, city, mountain, or monument. It is okay to trace, you are not an art critic. Who thinks the world is round. Will those who believe the world is round please stand-up. Produce an inflated round balloon, put a heavy book on top of it. Now explain, This is the shape in the world. Are you a believer. If the iceberg is one inch cubed and I put it water, how much of it will be underwater? Tomorrow I ll show you how to figure it out. That s Ratio, Mass, Gravity and the implications of the Ice Age.

Question:i put my social studies book in my friend's locker and i missed her before she left for the bus. my homework was a crossword puzzle and they are definitions from the book. its regions so hopefully you can help. the South has many ____ such as the everglades which cover 4,000 square miles of florida its 12 letters long and the third letter is a R the ___ coastal plain is a strip of land that begins in the Northeast and runs along the east and the gulf coast its 8 letters long and the second to last letter is a I (eye not L)

Answers:1. Foraminifera 2. Atlantic

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Constructivist Social Studies Lesson Grades 4/5 :www.timbedley.com Students work in pairs to research and present findings. This video shows interviews with students engaged in the learning process. Notice the high level of involvement and enthusiasm. More teaching ideas for upper elementary http

6th Grade - Social Studies SOLs :These 6th Grade students review Social Studies topics before the state exam. They have studied several periods of American History throughout the year, and students built conceptual models of these events using ThinkBlocks. At the same time that students learn Social Studies at a deeper level, they learn valuable thinking skills.