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Question:Okay im finding grade 10 hard n i realy wana do wel this year.. Cn u please give me a link where i can get all the papers (south africa) How could i cheat with LAST YEARS papers? I wanted them so i can work with it... Now dont get the wrong message!!

Answers:you mean you want help to cheat? dont expect any help.

Question:I go to a school in saskatoon and was wondering if there are any grade 10 practice exams i can work on. thanks on advance.

Answers:I use coolmath.com for any mathematics I'm getting stuck on. They have everything math. I'm not sure if they have an actual exam, but they do have tutorials of every subcategory in math. Good luck on the exam!

Question:Can someone refresh my momory on how to do these questions, thanks. 1. The sum of a number and its square is 702, find the numbers. 2. The perimeter of a rectangle if 32 units and its area is 55 square units, Find its Dimensions a mathematical approach would be helpful

Answers:1) Well 26 times 26 equals 676. 676 + 26 = 702. ANSWER=26 2) Well you need two numbers that multiply together to equal 55. That would be 5 and 11. Now lets see if that works for perimeter ---> 5*2+11*2 = 10+22 = 32. ANSWER= 5 by 11

Question:Hey everyone, Since I'm in top set, last week my math teacher decided to make us do a Y12 AS/A level maths exam. Today I found out my grade, and basically I got 84%. Considering I'm in Y10 now and next year I will be having my GCSE Exams, how do you think I went for a Y12 exam. Thanks for any responses!

Answers:As I understand it, Y10 means Year 10 right? The Fourth Year at secondary school? When I was in the Fourth Year I did a mock exam which was essentially an Upper Sixth A Level paper. I got 92% and was entered into the higher-level paper at GCSE one year later because of that. I got a C. Teacher's are the ultimate tricksters. Their job is to build you up to watch you fail so they can feel good. Your only defence is to do well - that really ticks them off!! I hope you do well!

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q10 MEI Core 1 exam paper Jan 2008 As mathematics past papers :

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