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Question:there are 2 similar triangles . write and solve a proportion to find the value of x. round answer to nearest tenth of a foot. first triangle have 1 side = 11.6 ft and x on the other side . second triangle have 1 side 20.8 ft and the other side 58.7 ft .

Answers:11.6/x = 20.8/58.7 32.7 feet is your answer /=fraction bar

Question:i need a link to the answers for the whole Prentice Hall Algebra 2 (2007) text book. i have a major test tomorrow and im stressing big time. i need all the answers to every problem. is there such a place? has 2 be free tho. like even an e book of the teachers edition is fine. PLEASE HELP ME ='[

Answers:Hi, I am unable to understand your question. Hope I helped.

Question:if i have a doubt in my math homework.in what websites can i get help

Answers:You might want to try Yahoo Answers. http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/;_ylt=AtCz21yAghtuB37y2E7yDQO.xQt.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396545134

Question:Okay, there is this boy. His name is Robert and I like him A LOT! There is one problem though. There is a HUGE age difference. He is 17 and is going to college next year and I am 14 and just started high school. I like him alot and I think he likes me, but I don't know what I should do. Should I go for it? Or should I find a new crush that makes me all gitty inside? I really like him and we have TONS in common. I REALLY like him and I worry that I will be upset when it has to end. What to do???

Answers:OK..im gunna talk to you about this because when i was 14 i dated a guy who was 17...we are still together. IT really does depend on your maturity and his maturity...if yall seem to be on the same leverl yeah. BUt be vary careful...he may pretend to like you cause he thinks your nieve and wants to have sex.....if he tries something too fast or he gives you an icky vibe...or he tries something..you say no...and he tries to push you or say i know your uncomforatable but if you love me..youll do this.....dont put up with it. he may make you get out of his car...but if your mature enough to be in a realationship...youll be mature enough to stand up for yourself and have somebody to call to come get you. =) if it happens.. But his intentions may be entirely pure....my boyfriends was and are...

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