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Question:I am not asking you to do my homework for me, but I would highly appreciate it if you could help me out on this project. I have to take pictures of our geometry class's lesson concepts in the real world. Could you help me find examples of the following: -points -planes -line segments -midpoint -segment bisector -acute angle -obtuse angle -right angle -acute triangle -obtuse triangle -right triangle -scalene triangle -isosceles triangle -equilateral triangle

Answers:There are many examples of these items in your daily life. Look around your neighborhood, go to a supermarket. Look at billboards, at street signs (the yield is a good example of a equilateral triangle, you may find obtuse angles in all sides of a stop sign). Look at your school supplies too (geometry rulers make excellent isocelles and escalene triangles). Most Rooftops are angled. Check patterns on your clothing. All of these are good suggestions.

Question:I'm a doing a project in geometry where we need an example of a plane used in real life. This can come from a magazine, newspaper, online, but not hand made. Please answer!!! Please! Please! Please!

Answers:Come on, Kali .. A plane is a flat "infinite" surface. Walls, floors, ceiling, the expanse of a field of corn/wheat/soybeans. Looking up the front of a skyscraper .... Anything that gives you a feeling a infinity.

Question:does anyone know a geometry vocab. word that starts with F, J, N, Q, U,W, X, Y, or Z. I have to be able to show a picture of it in real life. Due Friday. P.S it's an ABC book of geometry.

Answers:F: Figure, face. N: Nonagon Q: Quadrilateral, Quadratic equation U: Undecagon, unit, union. W: wedge Hope that helped=)

Question:Could you give me some ideas on how these examples of geometry terms are represented in real life? It is supposed to be objects. Here are the terms. Point Line Segment Ray Opposite Rays Perpendicular Lines Parrallel Lines Acute Angle Obtuse Angle Right Angle Vertical Angles (Acute only) Adjacent Angles (must be less than 180 Degrees) Linear Pair Thank you so much !

Answers:You have to put down tile or some type of flooring, you need to be able to use these to figure out how much tile to order and then how to lay this tile so that you have to cut the least amount (I mean really who wants to cut tiles for forever).

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Geometry is Everywhere Project :Just a video I made for my Geometry Class. We had to find 10 examples of Geometry in everyday life. Yes, I know not EVERYONE has an ammunition can laying around, just go with it...

Real-time Rendering Still Life Project Jonathan Ruttle :A tabletop scene with a number of textured objects, each illuminated by 3 light sources using the Phong illumination model. With examples of shadows calculated per light per receiver, some tangent space normal mapping, a free moving 6DOF camera, a dynamical generated cube map with real-time Fresnel reflectance and a quick example of a post processed depth of field at the end.