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Question:I am not asking you to do my homework for me, but I would highly appreciate it if you could help me out on this project. I have to take pictures of our geometry class's lesson concepts in the real world. Could you help me find examples of the following: -points -planes -line segments -midpoint -segment bisector -acute angle -obtuse angle -right angle -acute triangle -obtuse triangle -right triangle -scalene triangle -isosceles triangle -equilateral triangle

Answers:There are many examples of these items in your daily life. Look around your neighborhood, go to a supermarket. Look at billboards, at street signs (the yield is a good example of a equilateral triangle, you may find obtuse angles in all sides of a stop sign). Look at your school supplies too (geometry rulers make excellent isocelles and escalene triangles). Most Rooftops are angled. Check patterns on your clothing. All of these are good suggestions.

Question:I'm a doing a project in geometry where we need an example of a plane used in real life. This can come from a magazine, newspaper, online, but not hand made. Please answer!!! Please! Please! Please!

Answers:Come on, Kali .. A plane is a flat "infinite" surface. Walls, floors, ceiling, the expanse of a field of corn/wheat/soybeans. Looking up the front of a skyscraper .... Anything that gives you a feeling a infinity.

Question:im doing a project on math and i want a subject that will be really interesting. the math needs to be around algebra 2 level, but im having trouble deciding what to do because i have to show the math and how it is used. any help would be appreciated

Answers:Hi, Try conic sections. A parabola is the basis for the satellite dishes that pull in TV signals. They are also the shape of the back of a headlight that focuses the light from the car down the road. An ellipse is a shape they use to build a lithotripter, which is a machine they can use to break up kidney stones for people. A hyperbola relates to hoe air traffic control figures out the locations of airplanes while they're in flight. A circle puts every point on its edge equidistant from the center, something they use in stages built in the round. That's just quickly done off of the top of my head. I also added a website that may be helpful to you!! I hope that helps you!! Good luck!! :-)

Question:I have to make a video about something in real life that I can figure out using projectile motion. (For example, if a football is punted at an angle of 50 degrees and at a velocity of 25mph and it must go over the 10 foot bar, is the kick good?) Can anyone think of a project idea for me that doesn't necessarily have to do with sports?

Answers:How about cannon balls? Click on the first source link I posted below. Of a fireman trying to put out a fire? Click on the second source link I posted below for the math. You can modify this to a gardener sprinkling plants.

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The Real Math Project :The Write-Up 1. Fractions is a number that can represent part of a whole. In my project, Fractions show up when Super Stick Man is at Pizza Hut and he orders half of a pizza. 2. Rates Rates are equations that show a pattern in how something increases or decreases. Rates show up in my project, when Super Stick Man is figuring out how long it will take him to reach the aliens after he has eaten pizza. 3. Classify 3D Figures To classify 3D figures is to be able to tell 3D figures apart and know their names. 3D figures show up in my project when Super Stick Man is flying through the Chasm of Shapes. 4. Pythagorean Theorem The Pythagorean Theorum is the equation that will help you find the length of the long side of a right triangle when you only know the length of the legs. The Pythagorean Theorem shows up when Super Stick Man has just finished eating pizza and is trying to figure out the shortest route to the Aliens. 5. Area Area is the space inside a 2D figure. Super Stick Man uses Area in his equation to find out how much the king owes him at the end of the movie. 6. Venn Diagram A Venn Diagram is a chart that compares two different things with things that are the same, and things that are different. Super Stick Man uses a Venn Diagram to find the pros and cons of helping the king get his castle back. 7. Solving Equations Solving Equations is being able to find x from an equation without knowing what x is. Super Stick Man solves and equation at the end of the video when he ...