General Math Questions and Answers

General Math Question and Answer :
To give an awareness on the math general topic a set of question and answers are given to students. The general maths cover the topic from basic to a higher grade level. Required formula and equations are given at the end of the sheet for quick and easy calculation without any difficulty. General math question and answer are available in online which can be downloaded as a pdf for student guidelines. A  General math question and answer  pdf is given below for student reference purposes.

1.  Write the number in scientific notation 0.0000000156 

  a) 1.56 x 10-8 b) 1.5 x 10-8 c) 1.6 x 10-8 d) 1.56 x 10-7

2. The equation x2 + 3x - 10x = 0 can also be expressed in the form of 

  a) (x - 2) (x + 5) b) (x + 2) (x + 5) c) (x + 2) (x - 5) d) (x - 2 + 5)
3. Simplify (x2y3z3)2

a) (x2y3z3)          b) (x4y3z6)   c) (x2y3z3)2   d) (x4y6-z6)

4.  For what value of x, the equation x+ 10 = 26 is true

  a)  4          b)  5           c)  7    d)  3

5. Solve (5 x 2) + 2 x 6 - 8

  a) 10          b)  15   c) 17    d) 14

6. 10000 centimeter is equal to how many meter

a) 400  b) 500  c) 1100    d) 100

7. The common factor of 16 and 18 is 

  a) 4,2  b) 1,2 c) 1,2,3,4    d) 1,2,5,6

8. What is ($\frac{5}{6}$) x 32

a)  $\frac{15}{2}$  b)  $\frac{3}{2}$  c) $\frac{5}{2}$     d) $\frac{10}{2}$

9.  Find the missing term of the sequence 3,5,2,4,1,3,_

a)  4          b)  1          c)  0     d)  5

10. Sam has purchased 3 packets of milk, each weighing 250 grams. How many more such packets of milk should he buy, so that         she has 1 kg of milk?

         a)  5           b)  1  c)  3      d)  2

11. Which of the following is the same as half to 3?

          a)  45 minutes to 3   b) 15 minutes past 3 c)  30 minutes past 3 d)  30 minutes past 2

12. Amir buy 3 notebooks and 2 pencils from a shop, each book cost Rs.22 and Rs.4 per pencil. He paid 100 Rs to the                           shopkeeper, what is the actual  money he returned back.

          a)  26    b) 36         c) 30         d) 40

13.What is the sum of 5 hundreds, 15 tens and 10 ones?

          a) 500    b) 600         c) 660 d) 460

14. The area of triangle is 120 sq cm with base of measurement 20 cm,find the height of the given triangle

          a)  10    b) 14         c) 12                 d) 24

15. Perimeter of a geometric figure is

         a)  distance covered outside the region. b) distance covered around the region.

         c) distance covered inside the region. d) sum of all the sides.

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Question:I need another problem similar to this one: 1.) Identify the correct prime factorization of 96. 2.) The regular price of a computer is $1200 and the regular price of a printer is $300. An electronics store has a promotion that offers a 40% discount on the printer when the computer is purchased at the regular price. What is the total cost of the computer and the printer at the promotional price? 3.) A rectangle animal pen will be built using 200 meters of fencing. If one side of the rectangle is 60 meters, find the area of the pen. 4.)A building 51 feet tall casts a shadow 48 feet long. Simultaneously, a nearby statue casts a shadow of 16 feet. How tall is the statue? 5.)A coin is flipped 3 times, what is the probability of getting 3 tails in a row? Can you please come up with similar problems like this one and the answers to them, Im studying for a test and need practice. Thank You

Answers:/ 4)17

Question:Alright guys, no cheating. There's no shame if you get one wrong. Actually, it's pretty good if you can get just a couple right. First question isn't part of the five, but answer it anyway. :) What country do you live in? 1. What country/ies border Portugal? 2. On the border between Canada and the US lies the largest body of fresh water divided into five lakes. Name these lakes. 3. Spherical-like structures covered in a lattice-like design have been built around the world. One in particular is at Epcot, Walt disney world. What is the commonly used term for this type of structure? 4. Recently last year, members of the united nations attended an international conference on climate change, known under it's codename COP15 and the city it's held in. In what northern european city did the conference take place? 5. Answer this math question: 2( 6 - 7 )^2 + 3 ( 8 + 3 ) NOTE: the ^ sign indicates an exponent. Want to check your answers? They'll be up in an hour. ANSWERS: 1. Spain 2. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario 3. A geodesic structure 4. Copenhagen, Denmark. 5. 2( 6 - 7 )^2 + 3 ( 8 + 3 ) = 2(-1)^2 + 3(11) = 2(1) + 3(11) = 2 + 33 = 35

Answers:1. Portugal is bordered by Spain on the east and north and by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south 2. Lake Superior, Huron, Erie, Michigan, and Ontario are the lakes that lie on the border between the US and Canada 3. Geodesic dome 4. Copenhagen 5. 35 Thank you ! !

Question:13. Jim bought a new pair of glasses. The lenses had six sides. The lenses were in the shape of a A. square. C. hexagon. B. heptagon. D. quadrilateral 14. The gazebo in the park is an octagon. Each side of the gazebo is 4 feet long. What is the perimeter of the gazebo? A. 24 feet C. 30 feet B. 32 feet D. 36 feet 16. The perimeter of a church window is 60 inches. If the window is in the shape of a regular pentagon, what is the length of each side of the window? A. 12 inches C. 6 inches B. 10 inches D. 8 inches 18. What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 30 centimeters? A. 188.4 centimeters C. 94.2 centimeters B. 47.1 centimeters D. 9.55 centimeters 19. For a button to fit through its buttonhole, the hole needs to be the size of the button s diameter. What size buttonhole is needed for a button with a circumference of 9.42 centimeters? A. 3 centimeters C. 1.5 centimeters B. 6 centimeters D. 4 centimeters 20. The spoke of a wheel reaches from the center of the wheel to its rim. If the circumference of the rim of the wheel is 42 inches, how long is each spoke? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. A. 7 inches C. 13.38 inches B. 6.25 inches D. 6.69 inches

Answers:There are only 6 questions here. Since you got these wrong the first time, that eliminates one of the multiple choice answers. You did not leave any choices off which makes me think you are asking for someone to do your work for you. If you really had them wrong...I suggest you get your class notes out and review.

Question:A boy was asked to multiply a certain number by 25.He multiplied it by 52 and got his answer more than the correct one by 324.The number to be multiplied was (A)12 (B)15 (C)25 (D)52 plz provide me with detail solution

Answers:Let the unknown number be x. So, your number is 25x, and his number is 52x. The boy's number is your number (25x) + 324. 52x = 25x + 324 27x = 324 x = 12, choice A from your answers list.

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