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general characteristics of porifera

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Question:Which generalization is characteristic of most traditional societies? People move from city to city seeking new jobs. Sons learn the same trades as their fathers. A high degree of social mobility exists. All people have the same economic opportunities. (16)

Answers:like my mom lays all day in her bedroom. She does not work. My brother does the same thing. he lye's on the couch all day and does nothing. (M)

Question:men are GENERALLY more competitive, more goal orientated, more creative, more ambitious, more strive for power/domination, more strive for getting ahead in life, more passionate about their aim, braver, more confident, etc... this might be a bit cold and clinical but this is what works in the real world. women are (again generally) not as much as men the things as mentioned above. women usually are more caring and loving. this might be nicer. but this would only work in a prefect ideal fairy tale world. why?

Answers:There's a real world?



Question:1) The general latitude (geological distribution) 2) Approximate Earth coverage 3) Soil type 4) Human impact We're having trouble finding this information for a project, if you can help with any of this, that would be great! Thanks!