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Question:Which generalization is characteristic of most traditional societies? People move from city to city seeking new jobs. Sons learn the same trades as their fathers. A high degree of social mobility exists. All people have the same economic opportunities. (16)

Answers:like my mom lays all day in her bedroom. She does not work. My brother does the same thing. he lye's on the couch all day and does nothing. (M)

Question:men are GENERALLY more competitive, more goal orientated, more creative, more ambitious, more strive for power/domination, more strive for getting ahead in life, more passionate about their aim, braver, more confident, etc... this might be a bit cold and clinical but this is what works in the real world. women are (again generally) not as much as men the things as mentioned above. women usually are more caring and loving. this might be nicer. but this would only work in a prefect ideal fairy tale world. why?

Answers:There's a real world?



Question:I want a bird, so i have to get info on it. What is just some basic stuff i need to know and what kind of bird. I guessing you would have to get 2 because they can get lonley.

Answers:I would not suggest getting a rescue as your first bird. (Not that rescues are bad) If you DO get a rescue, figure out why the bird was abandoned, if the reason is known. DO NOT get a bird that has been abused as your first bird. Bird's don't forget, and you will have a lot of emotional problems to fix before you start bonding with your bird, not something you want to take on for a first bird. You don't necessarily have to get two, depending on your schedule. Getting two could decrease your bird's bond with you. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a lone bird and be out all day and still have a happy pet. If this is your first companion bird, I would suggest a cockatiel or a parakeet (budgie). Cockatiels make better companions, and live longer, but parakeets are generally easier to take care of and cheaper, you would probably have to get two if you got a parakeet. No matter what bird you buy though, you will need a cage of appropriate size (the best idea is to get the biggest you can afford, try and get a square cage, not a round cage. cages are also generally cheaper from small pet stores rather than chains like petco or petsmart) perches of different widths and lengths (so your bird does not get arthritis, natural wood is best) at least three toys to start, food dishes (they should come with the cage), food (what your bird is currently eating where you buy it will determine what you give it at first, don't try and change their diet as soon as you bring them home) poop off wipes (ranging in price depending on what kind you get: http://www.busybeaks.com/62001-5_poop_off.htm, they're really useful) and lots of other items that the store you buy your bird from should help you choose. Like the previous person said, research types of birds extensively, birds live a LONG time, basically think of this as adopting a child.

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Bird Evolution and Adaptations :BIRD EVOLUTION AND ADAPTATIONS:- Beginning with Archaeopteryx, this video looks at the emergence and adaptations of birds. Feathers from modified reptilian scales and hollow bones allowed flight, and this footage also looks at feather pigments. Other bird characteristics are also observed, including eggs, nests, offspring precocity, and migration.

Bird Strikes Jet Engine :General Electrics test jet engines. Among the many tests, it shoots birds into the jet engine fan-blades. I know what it feels like to be aircraft engine stalled in the mid-air, 6500 feet above the ground. It happened to me back in 1991, near Agua Dulce airport, not far from Palmdale, CA. On the day, I flew Cessna 152, a two-seater small aircraft. I was on my way to Las Vegas. When I reached Barstow, I encountered strong gusty wind. I was jumping up and donw in the seat due to strong turbulence, my head started hitting the ceiling. Then I realized that if I was kept going, hitting a mountain peak was inevitable before I reached Las Vegas. Hence I decided to return to Van Nuys Airport. Then there was stronger head-wind on my way back home. It resulted airplane fuel consumption twice as much. Guess what happened next? I ran out of fuel. The engine stalled and I had to make an emergency landing at the Agua Dulce. Somehow I managed to make a perfect landing after two loops. Otherwise, it would've been dead long ago, and impossibe being here and writing this. by cacomfort.