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Example star plot from NASA, with in the center the some most desirable .... the use of radar charts (or rather the closely related "polar area graph" is: ...

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Question:How can i make a tally chart in excel or word? Is there any other way, a web site maybe? Thanks

Answers:Hi! the best way would be to use Excel. You would have to use equations/formulae to get your answers but if you are good with Excel, then it will be straight forward enough. If you wanted to do it as a web page then you need to create it in either Javascript or Flash using Action Script...again, if you are au fait with either of these it will be a doddle. If you get stuck, come back to me and I will see what I can do. Kind regards J

Question:In maths I have to do tally charts but I don't know how to do them please could someone tell me how to do them. Thank you x

Answers:a table with rows/columns concerning whatever you're doing. (always include final column for total). then simply put a vertical line for each single thing you count. once you get your 5th dont add it but put a line diagonal line through the 4 you have down for example if i had 4 apples it would be llll. if that became 5 put a diagonal line through it (top right to bottom left) instead of this: *lllll. never do this. always do it in groups of 5.

Question:Just curious :) It would save me paper in some cases Okay, Excel, but I don't see how to use tally marks. What I am keeping track of can change rapidly, so it's better with marking as you can add without having to delete, like if you have numerals. Any ideas guys?

Answers:Microsoft Excel can, but it can be tricky


Answers:take a magic marker, and everytime you need to tally something draw a line on the monitor with it.

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Frequency Table and Tally Charts :Learn to make an frequency table and tally charts - brought to you by www.tenmarks.com

Tally Charts and Frequency Tables :Learn to make and interpret tally charts and frequency tables - brought to you by www.tenmarks.com