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Question:1.Define social class. Identify three criteria used to conceptualize social class placement. 2.Compare and contrast the two major economic systems. Identify a shortcoming of each system. 3.Define social stratification and discuss the four systems of social stratification. 4.Discuss the eight steps in the research model. 5.What is ethnocentrism? Discuss how ethnocentrism can have both positive and negative consequences for group life. Provide examples to illustrate your discussion of the positive and negative consequences of ethnocentrism.

Answers:*Check your textbook*

Question:1. Describe 2 reasons why bias may occur when collecting data using a postal questionnaire [4 marks] 2. Describe 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of qualitative reseach[8 marks]. 3. Describe 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of quantitative research [8 marks] Actually I do understand the questions but I just don't know how to write 8 marks answers. Please answer at least one question please please please!!!

Answers:Quantative research is good as results can be compared and accounted for easily as the results are in statistics form such as numbers. Also quantative data makes it easier to analyse any data that has been collected in the past or recently. The disadvantages of quantative data are that any data that is gatheres using this method will be short at undetailed , an example of this is if a question asks ' Are you happy with the costumer service ' The answers could only be 'yes' or 'no' This means you cannot elaborate on any research gathered. Hope that helps :)

Question:I'm about to start a website that has different subjects and under each subject are online links to websites that can help people with their homework. Basically, it'll be a whole list of online resources that can help students. I want to know how many of you go to search engines to find websites for help with your homework, and if you do, do you usually find a good website that helps you? Also, if I made this website, (links to good pages for homework help) would you visit? Or do you think people would visit? Thanks!!!!

Answers:Yeah why not??? I'm a web application developer... I used find people roaming around to find sites like urs... You can make ur site more effective by subscribing to google analytics it's totally free... all u need is a gmail account... and plus u'll get extra money by advertising without huge banners as well as ur page will get on top in search engines especailly google.com! isn't it nice huh????

Question:Ok I'm taking my senior classes online and I have a class that has to do with things like taxes and I'm having a hard time getting the hang of it. Does anyone know how I can get free homework help? I can't ask my teachers cause...well...there arent any lol its ALL online the best help I could get is from the librarian and she said she doesnt really know anything about it. If theres any homework help thats like by email or soemthing that would be great! The chat things dont really work for me so yea lol anyway thanks in advance everyone =) (oh btw if ur going to be an a$$ and leave a stupid answer or something please dont be suprised to see a reply to it in your email >=) )

Answers:Yahoo! Answers might be helpful for this as well, though the 'show your work' questions tend to get short shrift.

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