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Physics Notes for Class 11

Physics is a very important branch of science and can be used to solve various problems of mankind. 
There are various topics in class 11 physics like kinematics, laws of motion, gravitation, work, energy and power and so on. 
The laws of motion were by the great English scientist Newton. These are also known as Newton’s laws of motion. 
These three laws are important as they are the foundation for the classical mechanics.
The problems in classical mechanics are solved with the help of these laws. 

Gravitation is yet another important topic in class 11 physics. 
It basically deals with Kepler’s laws of planetary motion. Gravitation can be also known as gravity. 
This is a force which attracts the bodies towards the surface of the earth due to their mass.  
There are nearly four fundamental interactions in nature and gravitation is one among them. 

The concept of Friction is also taught in class 11 physics and is very important.  
Friction is also a kind of force that exists in nature. But this is resistive in nature. 
The road offers this to the tyre of the vehicles when they move on the road. 
This is one of the several examples that can be given of the frictional force. 

Gas is one of the states of matter and its description is given by the kinetic theory of gases. Basically this theory mentions it to be combination of small particles or atoms. The free physics notes for class 11 can be obtained from various sites on the internet. 

There are various topics like heat transfer and elasticity which form very important part of the courses like mechanical engineering. 
These topics provide the basics that are later needed when one opts for a professional course. 
The free physics notes for class 11 can be useful for preparing for the examination as well. The notes can be taken on a Word-Pad or a Microsoft office word document. 
Before one starts to learn from the free physics notes for class 11 from various sources one must try to understand the authenticity of the notes. 
If the notes are not authentic, there can be error in the concepts. This will lead to solving the problems in a wrong manner. 
It is very important to be aware of the concepts and only then they can be applied effectively while solving the problems. 
Physics is a subject where concepts play a very important role.

There can be online books also present on the subject. They can also be utilised effectively. 
They can help in saving lot of costs for the students. This is the power of internet is realised where many open or free sources are available. 
This is not the case only for the notes for physics but for other subjects as well. They will be available on various subjects but one must first search for genuine sites and only then use them. 
This is because now-a-days a lot of fake sites and fake information are available. 
This is the era of information overload. 
So, one must be able to differentiate between genuine and fake information. This capability will help a person or a student to a great extent. 
This capability can make a difference on the long run. 
The use of fake materials will lead to the learning of wrong concepts and hence in the wrong application of these concepts. 
Once the concepts are wrongly applied the solution to the problems can be wrong. 
Once the problems are wrongly solved the whole concept of free notes goes for a toss. 
The free notes is a great feature and must be used effectively in order to reap rich benefits.