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Question:is there a step by step algebra website that will show me step by step how to solve a problem?

Answers: The calculators link will take you to a place where you can input an equation, and it will show you how to get the answer.

Question:I cannot seem to find a site that also shows you step by step how to do the problem without having to pay for it! So if some one could find me a site I would be very grateful :)

Answers:Try It can solve your Algebra but I doubt it will give you the steps.

Question:I need one that shows it step by step, it's for my little cousin. I don't really know how to explain it to her so an algebra solver would be great. :) (oh and if you're just going to say that she should study, or get help from a book please don't even try to bother answering this, thanks)

Answers: This website may help

Question:I have a 1500 question math extracredit project due MONDAY! I did all of the problems mentally and turned that in. my professor got mad and said I HAD to show my work. So he gave my those answers back. I dont have time to step by step solve 1500 by monday. I have the answers and I checkedthem with my graphing calculator and they are ALL right, but I didnt solve them step by step on paper. I really need this boost on my grade. Does anyone know of a free download software or online solver that will solve my problems and I can just copy down my previous answers and the software's or websites steps??????

Answers:you need to stop looking at websites and start solving your own problems. get your book and see how it is solved, and then try to imitate. NO shortcuts here!!!!

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