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Free Online Maths Test for 8th Class

8th Grade Math Test Online Free:
8th grade math online test covers all the topics of the syllabus with large number of problems with solution. A full length math test paper is given to students, which is objective type which covers the complete syllabus of 8th grade math. Math online test gives an idea and awareness to student how the final exam is. A sample math online test paper is given below for practicing, each correct answer carries one point and use of calculators is not permitted.

1. The H.C.F  of 106,159 and 265 is

       a) 54 b) 53 c) 65 d) 85

2. Change the improper fraction $\frac{56}{12}$ to mixed fraction

a) 46$\frac{10}{12}$ b) 56$\frac{10}{12}$ c) 45$\frac{10}{12}$ d) 13$\frac{5}{12}$ 

3. Marry prepared 7 glass of juice. She used  1$\frac{2}{2}$  teaspoon of sugar for each glass. How many teaspoons full of sugar did she use for all?

   a) 10 b) 15   c) 30   d) 14

4. Find the value of 2.56 + 0.325 - 2*0.56 + 6.321 - 2.14

         a) 5.946 b) 5.624  c) 5.6231  d) 5.96

5. Find the hypotenuse of the triangle

Hypotenuse Triangle

         a) $\sqrt{549}$ b) $\sqrt{456}$ c) $\sqrt{654}$ d) $\sqrt{874}$

6. Rationalize the term $\frac{3\sqrt{2}}{5\sqrt{3}}$

         a) $\frac{\sqrt{6}}{5}$ b) $\frac{\sqrt{7}}{5}$ c) $\frac{\sqrt{3}}{7}$ d) $\frac{\sqrt{7}}{3}$

7. The value of a and b $\frac{5a-2b}{3a+2b}$ = $\frac{1}{2}$ 

     a) $\frac{6}{7}$,1 b) 4,3 c) $\frac{5}{3}$,2 d) 6,8

8. A bus travel 672 km in 12 hour. How long it will take to travel  2240 km

     a) 40 hr   b) 56 hr c) 32 hr d) 50 hr

9. Simplify $2\frac{3}{4}\div \frac{7}{8}+4$

a) $\frac{50}{7}$  b) $\frac{71}{20}$    c) $\frac{25}{9}$         d) $\frac{3}{5}$

10. Find the Value of x: 2x - 5 = 5x - 10

 a)  5 b)  10 c)  6          d)  12

11.Find the mean proportional between 64 and 169

     a) 103 b) 104 c) 98          d) 115

12. In how many years will $700 doubles itself at 4% S.I

a) 25 years b) 30 years c) 40 years d) 12 years

13. Simplification of x3(x - 2) + 2x2(x + 3) -6x (x - 4)

        a)  x+ 24x b)  x+ 24x c)  5x+ 20x  d) x+ 12x

14. Factorization of x- y+ x - x2y2

a) (x+ 1) (x - y2) b) (2x+ 1) (x - y) c) (x + 1) (2x - y2) d) (x- 1) (3x - y2)

15. Associative law of multiplication is given as :

        a)  a x b = b x a  b)  a x (b x c) = (a x b) x c c) a x b = b x c d)  a x (b x c) = (c x b) x c

16. The greatest common factor of 24 and 40 is:
        a)  8  b) 16  c)  20 d)  12

17. Express 0.33 in percentage 
a) 33$\frac{1}{5}$%       b) 33$\frac{1}{3}$%         c) 35$\frac{2}{5}$%         d) 35$\frac{1}{5}$%

18. The absolute value of $-\pi$  is 
a) $-\pi$ b) $\pi$ c) 2$\pi$ d) $\pi$ - $\pi$

19. The lowest common denominator of the term $\frac{1}{3}$,$\frac{2}{5}$,$\frac{7}{16}$ is 

a)  3 b)  5 c)  7 d)  9

20.0 is the number which is

        a)  positive b) negative c) integer         d) odd

21. Two lines are called parallel to each other if

        a) they are in same plane      b) do not intersect     c) they are in different plane
        d) they are in same plane and  they do not intersect  each other.

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Question:I am in 8th grade and I'm smarter than most of the other students at my school. Because of being stuborn and not wanting to keep doing work that I already knew how to do, I haven't been in an advanced math class for two years. At the begining of the year, all 8th grade students took a test and I scored higher than a lot of the students who have been in the advanced classes. I want to learn more but in my current math class that's not really happening. I need to know some free online programs that I can go onto after school so I can learn more. I've already googled and haven't found anything that didn't involve buying a bunch of crap, or just being a bunch off words with no exmples, ect. Do you know of any good online math programs?

Answers:http://www.aaamath.com http://www.purplemath.com http://www.mathsisfun.com http://www.cosmeo.com (for Nutshell Math)

Question:were can i find a eight grade math test online for free for my brother plz to see what level hes at

Answers:you could try here for some math questions that cover required skills: http://accelerateu.org/Assessments/math8/8math.htm and this will show you how to do anything he is having trouble with: http://www.internet4classrooms.com/skills_8th_math.htm

Question:ok i am trying to comvince my om that i can go to the 8th grade cus i have friends there and she thinks that i cant do the work but i can we do all the same stuff ! ok well first how can i convince her ? 2 where can i find free online or printable 8th grade all subject or just math test ! thanks so much

Answers:im in grade 9 and i gotta admit that my marks got a bit lowered than my usual a's becuz i got alot of my friends in my home room class, but i convinced my mom that i can get back on track by doin a little studying this summer for grade 9 my highschool gave me a small math workbook and i finished it in a week. just tell her to buy you a math book from chapters or something and work on it everynow and then. also you can go on google.ca or yahoo and just look up educational sites theres alot of sources out there go to the library and take out a few books. if you want free math workbooks and other subjects go on google or go to the local library and take out the grade 8 textbooks and photo copy the chapter reviews. good luck

Question:I need major math help so if anyone can provide me to a site thats FREE and you can take the review or sample test to the 8th grade math assessment ONLINE with corrections!! Thanks

Answers:Try the link below. I believe it has some practice problems. You will need shockwave; but that can be downloaded for free if you don't already have it.

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