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free online math tutoring grade 11

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Answers:[http://mathworld.wolfram.com] - MathWorld is the web's most extensive mathematics resource. However, it might be a bit too technical with too many mathematical lingo. [http://www.gomath.com/] GoMath.com is probably a better solution. It offers instant solutions and is, according to the catchphrase, "Your Algebraic study buddy".

Question:first two questions are free service

Answers:I can help you for free.....Just send me an e-mail or add me on Yahoo! messenger.....My e-mail address is jesusfreak_012008@yahoo.com . I am a pro at upper level math. I am a sophmore in high school. I have already completed the necessary math requirements for graduation. It was easy. I am willing to help anyone I can. Math is FUN!! You just have to be patient and determined. Please reply back ASAP if interested/

Question:I really suck at math these days. Algebra 1, eighth grade, and it's only the beginning. I'm about to plummet and my grades suck. This will end badly. Is there such thing as an online math tutor... one I can chat with 24/7... If you know the website please post it... thanks.

Answers:Here you go: www.online-tutoring-and-math-videos.com

Question:Is there a free website for 4th grade Math to help tutor? Mainly FRACTIONS?

Answers:http://www.kidsolr.com/math/fractions.html http://www.lessontutor.com/sv1.html http://www.fliegler.com/mathman/fractions.html http://www.tutorvista.com/