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Question:What level of math appears on the CF aptitude test? Addition/Subtraction? Pre algebra? Algebra?

Answers:depends on your aptitude dontcha think...?

Question:what type of maths like how hard is the algebra and trig is it like working the angles out like sin/cos/tan? mentally? what else need to know do you know if they are in shortage for reservists? what about the 12 minute math test that involves alegebra? trig? chem? physics?

Answers:When I did it four years ago, there was no trigonometry. The algebra questions were fairly basic (don't expect simultaneous equations). It's all very easy and basic stuff, mostly mental maths questions. They just give you loads of them to answer and not enough time to get through them all comfortably. In general, the reserves aren't even close to reaching their approved manning - there are plenty of reserve jobs across the three services you will have no trouble getting into. That being said, some reserve jobs and units are full. You'll just have to hope the jobs you're applying for have positions open.

Question:going to grade 11 there is a placement test for english and math. what topics would this 'aptitude' test have and any sites ??

Answers:hello thar~ well i dont know if this is what your looking for but http://www.onetest.com.au/test/test_demo.cfm its some practise questions this is also a better one http://www.indiastudychannel.com/questions/ I hope i Helped xD

Question:For example, the SAT's contain various writing and math sections, so to study for this sort of aptitude test I should just try to study the material that would be on that test (a.k.a. grammar, algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, etc.)?

Answers:Websites and bookstores have lots of study guides for specific test. If you ask anyone in a bookstore for a SAT study guide book, they should be able to help you. Also, if you're still in high school, your school library may have some guide available.

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