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Question:Im In The 6th grade and my grades are really low.its summer break and after,im moving and ill be in the 7th grade.I was planning on studying with my math and science book but they took them. :( How Can Study 6 and 7th grade science and math online? ''free''

Answers:I'm in seventh grade currently. First of all, are you transfering into a private school or a very advance one? If not, well, how to put this lightly. I have promised myself a billion times that I would study, but I never do. But I always do fine in tests as long as I concentrate. In my primary years, my school made us play this fun maths site where you compete with people all over the country. But if your school hasn't gave you your password, I'm pretty sure you have to pay. But here is the link anyway: http://www.mathletics.com.au/ OMG! The kid that has the highest points in the world is a kid that is in my primary!! Wow,..... About science, I've looked around, can't really find anything one it. So sorry :( But I hope that site helps!!

Question:I'm making a study guide for a big test we have in a few days, and my school is a bit poor so nobody can take books home because there arent enough. PLEASE dont give me crap about how im searching these online. if yuo can only answer a few questions, thats ok :) 1 Thick bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones are: melanin, periosteum, or tendons? 2 touch outer cover of bones: melanin, tendons, periosteum? 3 ___ (blank) joints are the most frequently used joints in your body: a-ball and socket, b- gliding, c-immovable, d-pivot 4 about how many msucles does the human body have? 5 most muscles in the human body are: a- cardiac, b- involuntary, c- skeletal , d-smooth 6 ABOUT how many sweat glands are in the body? and then this: outline the following entries using EPIDERMIS, DERMIS, and FATTY LAYER as main topics, and NERVES, FAT DEPOSITS, PIGMENT, BLOOD VESSELS, SWEAT GLANDS, and DEAD CELLS as sub topics: the lyars of skin: 1. I.__________ a.__________ b ______________ 2. II. __________ a. _________ b. ____________ c. ___________ 3 III. ___________ a. _______ thasnks so much!!!

Answers:Sure, I'll try and help you: 1. tendons http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tendons 2. periosteum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Periosteum 3. gliding joint? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gliding_joint 4. 640 http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Human_body 5. skeletal muscles? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeletal_muscles 6. 650 http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Human_body 1. I. Epidermis a. dead cells b. pigment 2. II. Dermis a. blood vessels b nerves c. sweat glands 3. III. Fatty Layer a. fat deposits Okay, I hope this is right but I hope i helped you! good luck!

Question:Hi there. I would like to watch the asian drama 7th grade online for free. Crunchyroll doesn't work for me. Mysoju doesn't have it. I would like to watch it with English subtitles. Please. If I have to download it, then it can't be a torrent. I need WMV or AVI. WMV is awesome! Thanks guys! And, i didn't mean to put this in the Primary school thingy. :)

Answers:For downloads, you might consider BearShare.com or Limewire.com, however, there are some online TV available in almost all countries. Here are two: http://www.beelinetv.com http://broadcast-live.com

Question:I'm looking for a fun free online 7th grade spelling program. I'm looking for one that doesn't just say the word out loud (like A-N-S-W-E-R or whatever) and then stays there for a few seconds then goes on to the next word. Those are too boring. I am looking for something a little more fun and exciting then that! So if you have any links, please post them!

Answers:It is online, but not an interactive tool. It is free and GOOD, though. :) McGuffey's Speller. K-12 grade included. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/15456 You could also try this other site, however, I cannot personally vouch for it. http://www.splashesfromtheriver.com/spelling/index.htm Alot of the free stuff you can find on the internet is excellent, but *will* require a little more work on the part of the parent. Here is a website with some good ideas on how to use the spelling lessons creatively! http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/lesson282.shtml

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7th grade science project :my science project lol!!

7th Grade Science Project :Quinlan and crew drop some serious science.