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JumpStart 2nd Grade

JumpStart 2nd Grade (known as Jump Ahead Year 2 in the United Kingdom) is a personal computer game released in 1996 by Knowledge Adventure. As its name suggests, it was made to teach second grade students. It was replaced by JumpStart Advanced 2nd Gradein 2002.

Like the previous JumpStartproducts, the game takes place in a school setting, but begins after school hours when a giantanthropomorphicfrog named C.J. enters the classroom and frees a firefly named Edison. C.J. and Edison form a double act of sorts with C.J. being an ardent, self-styled "adventurer" while Edison is the more pragmatic straight man, who frequently makes sardonic comments in response to C.J.'s grandiosity. The duo have appeared in many other JumpStart products, such as JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade; however, their looks and personalities have both undergone enormous changes throughout the years.

C.J. and Edison lead the user into a secret elevator hidden behind a bookcase. This elevator leads to several different floors, most of which are caverns beneath the school. The clubhouse and the classroom levels are the only ones to contain more than one activity. The floors are as follows:


The clubhouse is apparently C.J. and Edison's headquarters and is located directly above the classroom. Activities include:

  • The jukebox - Players insert different coins and bills of U.S. currency into the jukebox to hear music.
  • A computer - A simple computer used to type. It is not required to win the game.
  • A tree branch - A tree branch leads to a game of Concentration in the fruit tree outside. (The kind of fruit the tree has changes from game to game. The exterior shot of the school from the beginning of the program shows apples, but the view of the tree from inside the clubhouse shows oranges.)
  • The lookout - The user uses a clue to determine which planet in the Solar System is being "invaded" by malevolent robotic aliens. After the user selects the correct planet, C.J. and Edison fly there in a rocket and the user then has to play an arcade-styled game to save the planet which includes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. (The aliens never invade Earth.)
  • The fish tank - The user must find which numbers and words fit into a specific category.


The classroom includes a painting activity, a bookshelf and a blackboard that presents songs which define nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Other Levels

Boiler Room

The game in the boiler room involves recycling several items. Aside from encouraging recycling and perhaps improving hand-eye coordination, this game does not appear to have any obvious educational value.

Football Field

On a football field, the user uses addition to figure out how many yards the players of the JumpStart team advance on the field and use subtraction to save the JumpStart team from penalties.

Bone Vault

Here, the user solves math and spelling problems to open the mysterious Bone Vault, which, predictably, turns out to be filled with bones.

Cave Writings

In this activity, players decode meaningless messages written in American Sign Language, Braille and "Larvaic" ("language of the larva") using a key. Before the game can be played, however, the user must get past a giant Blues-playing caterpillar by answering a biology question.

Cricket Band

In this game, the user creates music with a band of crickets who jump up and down on pianokeys.

Log Ride

The user solves math or spelling problems to help five gophers make it across a subterranean river so they can guide C.J. and Edison through their

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Question:i tutor a 2nd grader that needs help with her math. its like u teach her one concept and she forgets it the next day. how can i get her motivated to learn. the 5th grader also needs help in math./ how do i get him more motivated also. i am also working with a 5 year old. how do i get him more motivated. he mostly shows no interest in school at the moment. right now him and i are working on blending sounds to make words and also using a calendar. basically, how can i get them all motivated and do u have any advice on helping them retain the info/ n e techniques u know of?

Answers:Use games to teach your concepts. You could use any gameboard, and make flashcards with whatever they're learning. If they get one right, they get to roll the dice and move. See how fast they can get to the finish line. Also for the two older ones, there are some great free online teaching games... just google free games, whatever the skill is and their grade. 5 year olds are going to have a short attention span. Try a game with him too. Use pails/buckets and a bean bag. If he learns a fact or has the right answer, let him toss the bean bag into a bucket. He gets a point each time.... something like that. Good luck.

Question:I am tutoring a girl who is going into the second grade in the fall, she needs help with math and reading. How far would she be in math and English? I am trying to find fun worksheets that would help her. Her family is trying to get her ahead for 2nd grade.

Answers:If she hasn't entered the second grade yet i would start out with late first grade topics in order to make sure she is at the right level and then try some early second grade material. If you do a search for your states school standards you can get an idea on the topics that a second grader is going to be required to know where you live. Once you know the topics, free printable worksheets are available at teachervision.net and many other different websites based on those topics you want to go over.

Question:I have a second grader that is having probelms with math!! Is there a website that will let you print off worksheets for free? I've been looking and I have had NO luck. It's basically just addition and subtaction facts and some telling time! Thanks in advance!!

Answers:i teach second grade and i have found a WONDERFUL site! it is www.akidsheart.com if you go to that website, toward the bottom is a link to click on that says math worksheet generator. you download a free program and you can print off worksheets over numbers & counting, comparison & place value, time & money, addition, and subtraction. And each time you click one of the topics, it gives you a DIFFERENT worksheet, so it is never the same problems twice. i have found this to be a LIFE SAVER and a great big help especially for my kids who are struggling with math! GOOD LUCK -- i know how frustrating it can be!

Question:My husband and I are struggling with our 7 year old and his homework. He doesn't focus and cries most every night when it is time to do the work. Math is a BIG struggle! Any suggestion on how to make it run smoother? I have tried using smarties candy and giving him one for everytime he gets them right. That worked for about 10 minutes. We have also used flash cards. I will try the snickers candy. That may work!

Answers:think of ways to make it fun. Like use candy to add and subtract ex. 4 snickers - 2 snickers = 2 snickers then let him eat some. =D You can use other stuff too like chereos, legos, cars, anything that will grasp his attention. and if all else fails perhaps a tutor but im pretty sure it will work. really encourage him. if he's not getting it he may be put down at school making him feel dicouraged. well hope i could be of help=D

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TERC 2nd Edition Math Homework :A private tutor shows the homework from another district's third grade class - long division by Houghton Mifflin. Sadly, her district's third grade uses TERC. And for 3rd grade, there is no long division.