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The Nancy Drew books have been written by various writers, all under the name Carolyn Keene. In accordance with the customs of Stratemeyer Syndicate series ...

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Question:I am having a moving sale and selling alot of stuff I have about 40 nancy drew books hard cover u can tell they are old and a little cripeld and cracked but u can read them they just look like expensive antiques how much should I sell them for I want to sell them for the most possible but I want to sell them? How much??// Thanks

Answers:Ebay is probably your best bet for these. I sold a lot of old Hardy Boys books on ebay and I found I got about average of $5 for each, I started each auction at $3. Some went for more, some less. There are websites out there that tell you how old the books are and how to tell which printing they are. Those will be useful before you list them. But unless they're first editions in prime condition then they're probably going to run about $5. I've linked to a page that might help.

Question:My Grandmother has been getting me Nancy Drew books for awhile now and one is called "99 Steps". My question is do I have to read the Nancy Drew books in order? And if the answer is yes, what about the Hardy Boys? Do they go in order, too?

Answers:You don't have to read them in order. Like many series, it can sometimes be easier to read them in order to understand some personal threads (like her relationship with her boyfriend and cousins), but on the most part the books can completely stansimilaremselves. The Hardy Boys series are set up very similar to Nancy Drew series. If you have ever watched tv shows like House, Law and Order, and CSI, the books are set up alot like these shows. What I mean is each episode can stand by themselves with its own individual plot. Those shows also have connecting plots with relationships that can help watching, but isn't necessary. this is almost exactly the same as these books. Sorry for this being so long. I hope that you can understand this, and that it helps! Enjoy your reading!

Question:for eg: the Bluebeard's room where she likes lance warrick and alan trevor. can u plz tell me some more or rather a list of Nancy Drew books on romance.

Answers:After book seven in the original series Ned is her "boyfriend". I think all of them have a little romance, some more than others. Also try the Nancy Drew files series. They are more modern and all have more romance. My favorite of those are: Hit and Run Holiday, Till Death do us Part, The summer of love trilogy(# 50), and the Passport to Romance (#72,73,74). Hope this helps.

Question:I want to write a book about a murder mystery and the girl reads Nancy Drew stories, and makes references to them a lot. But I don't know what the first book is or if its even around anymore. Further more, is it illegal to mention the books in my own book? Or do I need to get consent? Okay, thanks!

Answers:Yeah, they're just numbered. They aren't sequels or anything. Well - if you use lines and examples and all that from it, you'd need consent. But if your character's personal hero is Nancy and they mention her that's fine or one of Nancy's quotes is in the book just say, "like Nancy drew said," It's illegal to use the copyrighted material, like using an entire paragraph or page. Quotes while quoted or metioning the characters isnt illegal. Refrences are okay too, but if your refrences and plot sound too much alike or wind up mixed, that could become a copyright issue.

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Nancy Drew Book Part 1 :how to transform a Nancy Drew book into an album

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