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Question:I can't find the cost of my math lab on the website, does anybody know? I thought it was $70 but I've been told it's $57.

Answers:I just logged into my account and attempted to sign up. I clicked the "buy it now" button after putting in my course ID, and the price is $72. Yikes.

Question:Hi, this is lab questions for biology. I ve done half of them which I don t know if they are right, and the other half, I had no clue. So can you please help out? Tell me if my answers are correct, and the answers to the other five questions. You don t have to answer all of them, but ones you know for sure . 1)enzymes are a)biological catalysts b)agents that speed up cellular reactions c)proteins d)all of the above 2)enzymes function by a)being consumed (used up) in the reaction b)lowering the activation energy of a reaction c) combining with otherwise toxic substances in the cell d)adding heat to the cell to speed up the reaction 3)the substance that an enzyme combines with is a)another enzyme b)a cofactor c)a coenzyme d)the substrate 4)enzyme specificity refers to the a)need for cofactors for some enzymes to function b) face that enzymes catalyze one particular substrate or a small number of structurally similar substrates c)effect of temperature on enzyme activity d)effect of PH on enzyme activity 5)for every 10 degree celcius rise in temperature, the rate of most chemical reactions will A)double b)triple c)increase by 100 times d)stop 6)when an enzymes becomes denatured, it a)increases in effectiveness b)loses its requirement for a cofactor c)forms an enzyme substrate complex d)loses its ability to function 7)an enzyme may lose its ability to function because of a)excessively high temperatures b)a change in its three dimensional structure c)a large change in the PH of the enviromnment d)all of the above 8) PH is a measure of a)an enzymen s effectiveness b)enzyme concentration c)the hydrogen ion concentration d)none of the above 9)catechol oxidase a)is an enzyme found in potatoes b)catalyzes the production of catechol c)has as its substrate benzoquinone d)is a substance that encourages the growth of microorganisms 10)the absorbance values used in the experiments of this exercise a)are a consequence of production of benzoquinone b)are an index of enzyme activity c) may differe depending on the PH, temperature, or presence of cofactors, respectively. d) all of the above ANSWERS I THINK 1)d 2)b 3)d 4)don t know 5)don t know 6)d 7)d 8)don t know 9)don t know 10)don t know

Answers:1. D - all of the above 2. Both B & D. They lower the amount of energy needed to get the reaction going and they also may produce heat. Not always, though. Sometimes it's just a chemical process that takes place. 3. C. 4. B. Enzymes are very specific 5. A. Double 6. D 7. D 8. C 9. B (I think) 10. I don't know what an absorbance value is - sorry

Question:Was wondering if anyone knows if you can sell or give your Access code away from the My Math Lab web sight after using it for your own class. Are there expirations? Limitations? Please only answer if you are 100% positive and knowledgeable. Please no ridiculous answers or comments like....My dog barked once and then I did my Math Lab homework and then had a glass of milk.....hahaha thank you!

Answers:No, technically it is illegal because you haven't got permission from the company to profit from them. It is a service you have to pay for, so obviously they will have 'small print' rules to stop someone else publishing their work. It is unlikely that they are ever going to find out, however, if you sell it to someone, make sure you trust them as it can potentially give you trouble from your school or college. I have looked on My Math Lab and it is likely that your membership lasts the span of your course, so it will probably expire at sometime, to answer your question. Good comment you came up with there, people who have got nothing better to do actually say stuff like that! Hahaha.

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how to do homeworks using my math lab ! :hi all .. first of all im so sorry if there any spellin mistakes i was typin in a fast way :P if any1 needs any help just contact me : nightwolf_7777777@hotmail.com i'll be happy to help ^_^