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Question:I'm in high school and i need help in my algebra 2 class, its a makeup class and i need it to graduate . I was wondering if there was any place i could find free answers to the Mcdougal Littell Algebra 2 Book. My math teacher is horrible at what he does and and doesn't know how to teach and only gives homework, and every night. so if someone could help i'll greatly appreciate it. =] yes i know its cheating

Answers:if you did the homework you wouldn't need the teacher in the first place. math teachers = pointless. the book explains everything already. go do your homework

Question:is there a way i can find pages of the mcdougal littell algebra 2 book online? i left my book at school like a retard -__-* and i hae homework to do, is there a way i can find the problems online? BTW im looking for the actual equations...not the answers... i cant use classzone because it doesnt have the option for the book i need

Answers:Go to and you can find your book.

Question:I need the answers in section 10.6 of the mcdougal littell algebra 1 book. I dont mean the answers in back of the book. does any one know if i can find a teachers edition or something online?

Answers:I think I had that book last year. Unfortunatly for you, you can't find it unless you buy the teachers edition. Which isn't worth it, since it's a textbook and expensive. You would have to copy off someone else that's generous enough for you. This is all common sense.

Question:does anyone know where i can find the answers to this book? such as a teachers edition ro a downloadble one on the internet somewhere if so please help me out. thanks. Algebra 1 Mcdougal Littell im from california so idk if it mattters cause there might be different books. no i dont want the back of the book. thats not what i asked. i want a teachers version,

Answers:You can buy textbooks, including teacher's editions, on line at and but they aren't cheap, even used. You would also have to be sure you were buying the right edition. If you can get the ISBN number from your teacher's edition, that would help, but she may wonder why you want this. Textbooks are generally not available in downloadable versions on the Internet.