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Free Maths Worksheets Grade 1

Free grade math worksheet gives the overall idea of the topics to student. Based on every individual student learn of interest the grade sheet is been maintained. For practicing purposes free math worksheet is been provided on all topics of the subject. The topics covered under  first grade math worksheet grade-1 are given below.

The topics covered under grade 1 maths are
Place Value
Number Charts
Telling Time
Counting Money
Word Problems

Place Value:
Write the place value of the colored digits

Number Chart:  

Fill in the number in the given box

           1                                         3                                                        6           
             10                  11   
        14               18
        25            28    

          2 . 

             5                        7            


1.    52 + 7 =  __
2.    48 = 5 +  __
3.  100 + 25 = ___
4.  500 = 125 + ___
5.    74 =  5 + ___
6.    90 =  62 + __
7.   502 = 236 + ____
8.   324 = 100 + ___


1.     97 - 52  =  _____
2.     78 - 35  = ______
3.     72 - 15  = ______
4.     45 - 25  =  ______
5.   100 - 26 =  ______
6.   526 - 315 = ______
7.   748 - 435 = ______
8.   653 - 652 = ______


1.     27 - __  =    11
2.     19 - __  =      5
3.    __  -   8  =    20
4.     49 - __  =    12
5.    __  -   6  =    32

Telling Time:

Draw the hour hand and minute hand on each clock.

Telling Time Clock

Look at the clock  and write the time:

The Time Clock

Counting Money:

Count and write the total amount of money 

Counting Money

Word Problems:

1.  Vidhya have 17 balloons and her friend has 15 balloons. How many more
balloons do Vidhya have more than her friend?
2.  Anil have collected 7 crickets. How many more crickets did Anil need to
collect to have 11 crickets?
3.  5 raccoons are playing in the woods. 3 go home to eat dinner. How
many raccoons are left in the woods?
4.  5 birds  were sitting on the fence. 2 more birds joined them. How many
birds are on the fence now?
5. Jhon is getting ready for his birthday party he  blew up 2 balloons this morning and 7 balloons this afternoon. How many balloons did he blow up in all?
6. There were 20 students going on the school bus. At the first stop, 5
students got off of the bus. How many students are left on the bus?

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Answers:Apples4theteacher.com - you can also connect to different websites through them.

Question:I need picture addition if possible for 1st grade.

Answers:Here are a couple of sites I use for my math worksheets as a teacher. I really like all of these sites. You'll just have to pick through the sheets to find what you are looking for: http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/math/ http://www.worksheetlibrary.com/subjects/math/ http://www.mathworksheetscenter.com/ http://www.mathworksheetsworld.com/ Good luck!

Question:Hi, I'm looking for free printable algebra worksheets. Like lessons from a book, but something I can print, and do with a pencil and paper. Anyone know of such a site? Thanks Well I'm looking for intro into algebra, elementary algebra. Worksheets, reviews, etc. that will get me started in algebra.

Answers:Uh...you didn't provide your grade/level of algebra, the only thing I can do is to provide you with some links, so it's up to you to check them out. Here are a few links: http://www.math.niu.edu/~beachy/abstract_algebra/study_guide/contents.html http://www.homeschoolmath.net/online/algebra.php http://www.mathmax.com/introalg/ http://math.about.com/od/algebraworksheets/Algebra_Worksheets.htm http://www.lessoncorner.com/worksheets/

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Answers:do you need 7th grade math, or Algebra 1? Because they're different things. If you want the 7th grade math, which is Pre-Algebra, go here for worksheets: http://www.kutasoftware.com/freeipa.html If you want 8th grade math, which is Algebra 1, go here for worksheets: http://www.kutasoftware.com/free.html If you want an online book you can go to, try going to http://www.hotmath.com Hotmath gives you the answers to the homework problems, and guides you step-by-step so you can understand what you're doing.

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