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Free Math Word Problems with Answers for Grade 3

Word Problem Worksheet:

Word problem worksheet helps to solve mathematical problem with required amount of information. Effective word problem solving helps in understanding the subject simple and easier.

3rd Grade Math Word Problem Free:

3rd grade math word problem free is brought out for students beneficial. 3rd grade math sheet covers the entire syllabus which includes topic like addition, subtraction,multiplication,and division.  worksheet is easy to use,flexible and free to download for the user without any  difficulty.

Free Math Word Problem :

A sample of free word problem for grade 3 is given for student reference.

1. Anoj bought 2 dozen eggs, totally how many eggs does he have.

    Solution:    1 dozen is 12 eggs
                      Therefore for 2 dozens 12 * 2 = 24 eggs

2. In a park there are 5 dogs,how many legs are there all together

    Solution:    Given 5 dogs in a park,
                      A dog have 4 legs,for 5 dogs number of legs
                       = 4 * 5 = 20 legs are there all together

3. A piece of cake has 350 calories in it. How many calories are there in 5 piece of cake.
     Solution:    Given a single piece of cake have 350 calories
                      for 5 piece of cake, calorie is = 350 * 5
                         = 1750
                      total number of calories is 1750

4. There are 25 students in class. If each student has 5 pens, how many total number of pens  are there totally?
      Solution:    Given 25 students in class each having 5 pens with him
                      Total pens with students are = 25 * 5
                      = 125

5. Swathi have 8 red balloons,5 white balloons. What is the total number of balloons with swathi
  Given Swathi have  8 red balloons,5 white balloons
                    Total number of balloons  are = 8 + 5
                     = 13

6.   5 birds were sitting in a tree. 3 birds fly away. How many birds are left out on trees
       Solution:  Given  5 birds were sitting in a tree and 3 birds fly away
                     Total number of birds on tree are = 5 - 3
                     = 2

7.  There are 800 passengers on a train. At the next stop, 250 passengers disembark. How many passengers are there on the train now?
     Solution: Given 800  passengers on a train.,next stop, 250 passengers disembark.
                    Total number of passenger on train now is = 800 - 250
                    = 550

8.  Anu is 15 years old and her mother is 40 years old. What is the difference between their ages?    
      Solution:  Given Anu is 15 years old and her mother is 40 years old
                      Difference of their age is  = 40 - 15
                      = 25
                      Difference between their ages is 25.