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Question:Is there any provsion for adults with GCSE's to brush up on maths basic skills?

Answers:You can register for free Maths courses with learndirect.

Question:I've long had a problem with maths...I did well at other subjects at school but ended up with a D for maths. I'd like to try and overcome my difficulties. Are there any free online maths courses?

Answers:Try www.mathcentre.ac.uk

Question:im 23 and i have a job im going to be taking some more math courses over the next year and i need serious brush up. i would like to review algebra, geometry, algebra 2, and possibly learn some higher math so i can be ready for these classes. free would be nice but i can pay some cash i care more about the effectiveness than the cost

Answers:Check out your local public and college library websites. Many libraries are subscribing to a database called The Learning Express Library. It include tutorials and practice exams for many different tests, including both high school and college level math (algebra, geometry, trig, etc.) Here's the corporate site (no free access) http://www.learnatest.com/LEL/index.cfm/ Examples of library pages: http://corvallis.libguides.com/education http://www.pasadena.edu/library/dbsubject.cfm#book

Question:Adults who want to refresh and learn some new things....are there any like school classes for adults..who to call...not wanting college credits...? just want to learn some basic information and brush up on such things as English, accounting, basic math etc....? that helps thank you for your input.. that helps thank you for your input..

Answers:I don't think so. The only adult education in the US that I hear about is for stuff like the GED test--basically for people who don't have a high school diploma. There is also something called the Lifelong Learning Institue that's for people over 50 or 60 (something like that) that does offer some free college classes (not for credit) around the country for adults. Other than that, well, I don't really think there is anything. Stinks!

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Adults Learning Maths, Direct.gov Maths :For information on free adult maths courses call 0800 66 0800. Our future, it's in our hands

Math Basics : How to Teach Adults Math :When teaching adults math, it's important to realize that there may be some anxiety for the students. Discover how to teach adults math with advice from a collegiate math teacher in this free video on math education.Expert: Jimmy Chang Bio: Jimmy Chang has a master's degree in math and has been a math teacher at St. Pete College for more than eight years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Math skills can be very helpful in our everyday lives. Practice these basic math tips from a collegiate math teacher in this free video series on math basics.