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Free Math Puzzle

Math Puzzle:

There are the required number of puzzles are available online on all topics to understand the math topic. The level of puzzle solving varies from lower class to a higher class. The effective way of learning and solving problems makes puzzle easy and interesting.

Question 1. Manhal travels 6 m towards east and then turns right and travels 5 m. What is the distance between the initial and the final position of Manhal?

Question 2: A monkey which is at the foot of  12 meter tall start climbing it. In one minute it climbs 3 meters and slips by 2 meters in the next minute. How much time does it take to reach the top of the tree?

Question 3: Six person K, L, M, N, O and P are sitting around a table. K and L do not sit next to each other. O and P are opposite each other. M is sitting the immediate right of P. If K is not between O and M, then N is not next to P. Give the arrangement of six people around the table?

Question 4: Give the net letter of the series A, B, D, H, _____?

Question 5:
A bag contains a combination of 10 paise, 20 paise and 50 paise in the ratio 9:6:4. If the total value of 50 paise coins is Rs 3.20 more than the total value of the coins in the bag?

Question 6:  The two numbers are in the ratio 9:7 is subtracted from each, the ratio becomes 7:5. Find the numbers?

Question 7:  20 men take 10 days to dig a well working 8 hours a day. Find the time taken by 15 men working  9 hours a day to dig the same well?

Question 8: 
The selling price of 15 oranges is equal to the cost price of 10 oranges. Find the profit percentage?

Question 9: What is the area of the triangle with sides 10 cm, 14 cm and 16 cm?

Question 10: In how many ways can 26 books be divided equally among 4 boys?