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Free Math Crossword Puzzles

Maths Crossword Puzzle:
Children enjoy solving puzzles which improves their mental mathematics, thinking capability and memory power. Each puzzle differs with respect to logical application, there is a unique solution for unique problems. Sometimes cross word puzzle games seems to be simple,easy or complex based on kid's level of thinking and their age.

Crossword Puzzle :
Crossword puzzles are made based on number,pictures, geometrical figures, words,etc.. To solve puzzle a sprinkling of logic and interest is is required from the user side. The Puzzles are given in square box, filled with rows and columns. A sample puzzle sheet is given below for student reference.

Addition Maths Crossword Puzzles:

Solve the addition and find the given puzzle

Addition Maths Crossword

           Across                                                                        Down

    1)    3421              2)  1131                       3)   4200
        + 5621                                                     + 3231                                    + 5121

    3)   3811                                                   4)    1432             9)  4421
       + 5651                                                      + 1532                                     + 4320

    6)    3211                                                  5)     1264
        + 32011                                                      +0122
    8 )  7932                                                   7)  4416    
       + 1817                                                      +  2536
   12)   3521                   11)    2516
       + 3421                                                      + 1446

Subtraction Maths Crossword Puzzles:

 Solve the addition and find the given puzzle

Subtraction Maths Crossword

    Across          Down

    1) 100-32 2) 100-15
    3) 100-42 4) 100-12
    5) 100-72 6) 100-14
    7) 100-14 8) 100-36
  10) 100-32 9) 100-37
  12) 100-62       11) 100-16
  14) 100-54       13) 100-14
  16) 100-36       15) 100-38
  18) 100-78       17) 100-57
  20) 100-64       19) 100-74

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From Yahoo Answers

Question:I can't find several answers to this math crossword anywhere! Please help! Most answers correct wins! ACROSS 7. A set: where the + or x of any of its elements results in an element of that set; where commutative, associative, and distributive properties hold true for + or x ; which has additive and multiplicative inverses; which has identity elements for + and x. (5 letters) 13. A parameter which can be used to describe the characteristics of an object, such as length, etc. (9 letters) 37. Computer language developed in the 1950s. (5 letters) 41. The point at which a function's tangent has a slope zero is either a minimum or ____ point. (7 letters) 45. {1,1, root2} is an example of a Pythagorean ____. (7 letters) -- I thought it was triple, but that is 6 letters. Would it be triplet? 58. If segment AB is divided at point M such that AM/MB=AB/AM, then AM/MB is called the ____ section, ratio or mean. (6 letters) 64. Space higher than 3-dimensional. (10 letters) -- would this be hyperspace? 69. A square of numbers in which the rows, columns, and diagonals all total the same amount is called a ____ square. (5 letters). DOWN 3. A number that defines an interval or the end of a ray. (8 letters) 5. An angle whose vertex is a point of the circle and each side intersects the circle. (9 letters) -- would it be inscribed? 22. A tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and the icosahedron are the five _____ solids. (8 letters) 23. A guess or hypothesis. (10 letters) 26. A geometry object that has 0 dimension. (5 letters) 31. A set of ordered pairs. (8 letters) 34. A strip of paper can be formed into a one-sided object called a _____ strip. (7 letters). 43. The non-Euclidean geometry in which through a given point P not on a given line M there are infinitely many lines passing through P and parallel to M. (10 letters) 48. A math object used by Euler to solve the Konigsberg bridge problem. (7 letters) THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Answers:ACROSS 7) group 37) it could be be COBOL or ALGOL 41) extreme (or extrema) 45) triplet 58) golden 69) magic DOWN 5) inscribed 23) conjecture 26) point 34) Mobius. are you sure it is seven letters? his name contains only 6 letters...unless they are doing the weird alternate spelling "Moebius" (which, technically, is incorrect)

Question:1. The ? is the part of an experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison. 7 LETTERS 2. The ? describes the steps you use during an experiment. 9 LETTERS 3. After an experiment, scientists write a ? which summarizes their experiment and results. 10 LETTERS 4. The ? ? is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem. 16 LETTERS 5. The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is being tested or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment. 11 LETTERS 6. The ? is an educated guess. 10 LETTERS 7. Scientists use their data to make charts and ? to communicate the results of an experiment. 6 LETTERS 8. After the scientist makes a hypothesis, they perform an ? to collect data. 10 LETTERS 9. The first step of the scientific method is to define or identify the ?. 7 LETTERS 10. Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ?, and need to do an experiment again. 5 LETTERS. 11. The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable. 9 LETTERS 12. After the experiment, scientists organize and ? the data. 7 LETTERS 13. The information collected during an experiment is called ?. 4 LETTERS 14. Scientists make ? to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment. 12 LETTERS If you know the answer to ANY, ANY of these questions, even the smallest of help would be greatly appreciated, but please try to answer as many of these questions as possible! Thanks to all that help in advance! Now I actually only need answers for numbers 2. , 4. , and 14. I just got all the other ones! Thanks so much for that helpful answer Jessica! When yahoo answers lets me I'll choose you as best answer! Thanks soo much! Oh & Jessica I copied all of those notes you gave to me, pasted them into Microsoft Word, printed it out, and now I can use that sheet as a study guide! It's going to be soooo helpful! Thank you!

Answers:1. Control 2. Procedure 3. Conclusion 4. Scientific Method 5. Independent 6. Hypothesis 7. Graphs (assuming) 8. Experiment 9. Problem 10. Model 11. Dependent 12. Collect 13. Data 14. Observations I'm sure you could have found all the answers on a worksheet you've done or in your textbook. I'm going to write down some notes I want you to copy so you have this information so science will make more sense to you (if you're not getting it.) IT WILL BE EXTREMELY HELPFUL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!!! Define Problem - An approach to problem solving, can be used by anyone from observation or research (ALWAYS a question.) Ex: How much fertilizer makes bean grow the tallest? Form Hypothesis - Educated guess, if... then... because, testable - can collect data (#'s, observations, inference) Ex: IF I test 0, 1 tsp, 2 tsp and 3 tsp of fertilizer on beans, THEN beans will grow tallest with 2 tsp. BECAUSE... Experiment - organized way to test a hypothesis Control: standard for comparison Ex: 0 tsp of fertilizer Constant: stays the same Ex: amount of heat, light, soil Dependent variable: data/results you collect Ex: height of plants (# of flowers, etc) Independent variable: what is tested/what investigator changes Ex: amount of fertilizer (Easy way to remember dependent and independent so you don't get mixed up is D = data.. for dependent and I = investigator for independent) Field Study - Replaces exp. in situtations where many observations are used to collect data Ex: animal behavior, dinosaurs Conclusion - Accept or reject your hypothesis Model (Physics) = an idea or math expression that is similar to what scientists are trying to explain Ex: atom model: solar system Theory = well supported, well tested explanation, which unifies a broad range of observations Ex: dinosaurs extinct from a meteor Law - Explains an action or expected outcome Ex: gravity, math, physic laws Repeat (more hypothesis??) - Publish results, allow others to check your results (LOTS OF DATA NO EXCEPTIONS!) By suggestion improvements or changes, others can learn from your results. I really hope you copy this down it will be so useful to you. Hope this was helpful & good luck!!! :)

Question:I'm a High School Junior and here lately, I've been forgeting things. Like in class, I can't seem to do certain math problems and all. My parents may request for Special Education Evaluation. I want to know if Crossword Puzzles or Word Finds increase the Brains Mind or whatever. If so, what are some good Crossword Puzzles out there. I've never tried them before. Only Word Finds. Thanks

Answers:I do crossword puzzles a lot and have been doing them for years.Best to start out with the easy ones.I now know words i never heard of and there meaning.I find it is fun doing them and i wont quit until i finish the whole crossword.I try to do them without looking up the answer.so if you think they might help,go ahead and try them out..

Question:i have a 15 page project on maths n r teacher has given freedom to do any topic of r choice n include anything in it. im doing the project on math puzzles....but wut do i include in it??? so 1stly pls answer the above question .....it'll b my intro...n pls give me more ideas wut to include...i've made a crossword already on maths terms....any other puzzles???

Answers:Try these sites for ideas on math puzzles: http://www.syvum.com/teasers/ http://www.math.com/students/puzzles/puzzleapps.html http://www.coolmath4kids.com/ Hope these help and good luck with your project!

From Youtube

How to Make a Crossword Puzzle : Tips for Choosing Crossword Puzzle Words :Avoid using unusual words when making a crossword puzzle. Learn tips for choosing words to put in a crossword puzzle in this free video on creating word games.Expert: Chris FA Johnson Contact: cfaj.freeshell.org/wordfinder/ Bio: Chris FA Johnson began composing cryptic corssword puzzles in 1979, for the University of Toronto alumni magazine, The Graduate. Filmmaker: Kevin Fletcher

How to Make a Crossword Puzzle : Putting Words Into a Crossword Puzzle Grid :Start making a crossword puzzle by putting one or two letters into the grid. Learn how to put words into a crossword puzzle that you are making in this free video on creating word games.Expert: Chris FA Johnson Contact: cfaj.freeshell.org/wordfinder/ Bio: Chris FA Johnson began composing cryptic corssword puzzles in 1979, for the University of Toronto alumni magazine, The Graduate. Filmmaker: Kevin Fletcher