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From Yahoo Answers

Question:if you know of such a website i will give you best answer, please help an innocent teenager.

Answers:You should really do you're homework yourself. But for revision purposes you can use the bitesize website at www.bbc1.co.uk/bitesize! But try and do you're homework yourself in the future.

Question:I need something that shows the work

Answers:Yes. It's called Yahoo!Answers.


Answers:Mathworld: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/ Dr. Math: http://mathforum.org/dr.math/ Also, yahoo answers is a good site, even though it doesnt specialize in math.

Question:simplify and show work please 91y^4-49n^6 36a^2-24a+4 2a^4-162

Answers:= 91y - 49n = 7(13y - 7n ) Answer: 7(13y - 7n ) ----------- = 36a - 24a + 4 = 4(9a - 6a + 1) = 4(3a - 1) Answer: 4(3a - 1) ----------- = 24a - 162 = 6(4a - 27) Answer: 6(4a - 27)