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Question:Do you guys have a live chat FREE online tutoring website in English subject? I need help with my homework now. thanks

Answers:Do you mean a live, chat FREE, online, tutoring website or a live, chat, FREE, online, tutoring website?!? Grammar...there is a reason for it, y'know.

Question:hi im in highschool now and the work is getting really hard, i need a FREE LIVE online chat where you can talk to a "tutor" or someone and they will help you with home work. anyone knooooow???

Answers:I can tutor you if you would like. I usually do it through email but can also use the chat feature on yahoo. I can help with any subject you need. Just email me at timjewell20@yahoo.com

Question:Okay so. I know there is this site that has online tutors that you can talk to and that help you out. Live Homework Help. Something like that. Well my library doesnt offer it anymore and I REALLY need it because I'm going to fail if I dont get this done. I cant type the questions because they're algebra, and I need to do them fast. Does anyone know of a link to go to get to one of the sites? It can't require a library card and it has to be free. tutor.com is charging now. bastards. ;) thanks.- julia.

Answers:I don't know of any that offer free help. but if you scan the questions, or type them out in word, you can attach them in an e-mail and send them to me and i'll help. dsabol_btfu@yahoo.com

Question:Please do not give me tutorvista. That website is not free.

Answers:i could give you a few websites but don't know what state you are in and you want relevant information i don't know about websites that provide you with free one on one tutoring/tutor advice with a person but there are a bunch of them that provide free tutoring via software or online programs your best bet is a Google search for online homework tutors put free in front of it if you like. this will give you a lot of options and i hope that helps you :)

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Live Homework Help :The Marin County Library offers students free online help from real tutors

Live Homework Help Online :Help provided for grades 4-12 and introductory College. Hours are Sunday - Thursday 3 pm -9 pm, Saturday 2 pm - 7 pm