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Question:lesson 10.5

Answers:Can you write down the questions? Many of us are not in your math class so we don't have the book... sorry...

Question:i need the "HOLT algebra 1 practice workbook" answer key..... (ISBN 0-03-054288-X)

Answers:Speak to your math teacher. He will help you to obtain the answer key if he feels that would be beneficial to you./

Question:answers to the questions in text book chapter 11

Answers:you want us to actually give you all the darn answers to whole chapter in a text book? are you on meth or something? heck no, why should anyone be stupid enough to do that? ask your teacher for her teacher's edition and help your own lazy self. good God!


Answers:Lets face it. An answer key is nice but it does not teach you the math. Nor does a solutions manual when you are old enough that they come with your math books. They show you the solution and how THEY go to the answer but as you will find out sometimes the book does some pretty stupid stuff to get to the answer. I don't know about your answer key. Learn the material! Math builds and builds and builds and builds and builds...Make sure you know the basics. HTH