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Google Questions and Answers

Google Questions and Answers is a free knowledge market offered by Google that allows users to collaboratively find answers to their questions (also referred as Google Knowledge Search). It was launched in June 28, 2007 and replaces the fee-based Google Answers service, discontinued on December 1, 2006. Google had chosen Russia as the first country to launch this new service.

Technologically, Google service most closely resembles analogous services by mail.ru, Naver and Yahoo!. It is pseudonymous: the nicknames of the authors of questions and answers are shown right next to their contributed content. Google uses question tagging to help users find relevant questions.

As most services of this kind, Google provides an incentivesystem to motivate people to answer questions. It is based on assigning points for actions and a system of levels loosely based on the Russian system of academic degrees. An interesting feature of the incentive system is that Google's reward for visiting is higher than for posting an answer.

On August 20, 2007, Google and Tianya, a Chinese community website, launched a free Q&A service entitled "Tianya Answers".


Google Answers predecessor was also called Google Questions and Answers, which was launched in August 2001. The previous service had Google staffers e-mailing responses to questions for a flat $3 fee. It was up and functional for about a day. The demand may have overwhelmed their resources.

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Question:So I'm 16 years old and I've been in honors classes since 6th grade, which should (I guess) qualify me in some way to tutor kids. So, the question is, what do I do first? I mean, I guess I could advertise in my local newspaper, or make some stickers/magnets/etc. Then there is the problem of what I should charge (don't even know how long I can make sessions). Any help would be much appreciated :)

Answers:Tutors can range from 10 dollars to 30 dollars and hour. Since your young, I'd start out on the LOW end of this range. To get yourself known, get people who can write recommendations for you. Then, post these on a blogspot where your tell the details of your tutoring. Print up some flyers that vaguely advertise your tutoring services and that have little rip-off tags of your blogspot url. People will contact you. Go door to door if you want.

Question:Where for like 12 hours, asking questions only costs zero points? Would you ask more questions or the same amount as you normally do? Would you ever care? I just don't like the idea of being penalized for asking questions... It's kind of counter productive!


Question:This is my first year teaching AP Physics B. I am thinking of giving a quiz that consists of one of the free response problems from the 2002 test. I noticed that the College Board provides solutions for all tests after 2003, but not for the 2002 test. Can someone work through #1 on the 2002 test (the problem deals with a rocket and a parachute) and compare answers with me? It can be found on pg. 5 of this PDF: http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/ap/students/physics/physics_b_frq_02.pdf Here's what I got: a) Engine up and gravity down; gravity down; air resistance up and gravity down b) 30.4 m/s^2 c) 249 m d) 8.2 s Thanks!

Answers:a) same b) 30.2 m/s^2 c) 246.53 m d) 8.163 s (using g=9.8m/s^2)

Question:During a walk on the moon, an astronaut accidentially drops his camera over a 20m cliff. It leaves his hands with zero speed, and after 2s it has attained a velocity of 3.3m/s downward. How far has the camera fallen after 4 seconds? i keep getting 19.6m but the answer is 13m

Answers:Acceleration is constant, so use formula v = u + at. u is 0, v is 3.3, t is 2. So rearrange to get a= 3.3/2 = 1.65 Can then use the formula s = ut+1/2 at^2 to get distance at t=4, u=0 s= 13.2m Hope this helps

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Questions and Answers :Well Here it is, New Video. Your Questions and my answers. If you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask! Add my Myspace music page! Myspace.com 1st Question + Answer Can we collab? 00:18 - 1:12 2nd Question + Answer Are you signed? 1:12 - 1:52 3rd Question + Answer What do you use to record? 1:52 - 2:43 4th Question + Answer Can I have Autotune for free? 2:43 - 3:41 5th Question + Answer Were you going to collab with D-Pryde? 3:41 - 5:14 6th Question + Answer What effects do you use on your vocals? 5:14 - End You wanna collab?? Send whatever you have recorded to this E-mail Yungryder24@yahoo.com Effects used in vocals are: 1. Noise Reduction - Click/Pop Eliminator - Hiss + Clicks - Find All Levels 2. Amplitude - Dynamics Processing - Very Fast Attack 3. Filters - Graphic Equalizer - Spit Clear 4. Delay Effects - Reverb - Tight and Close 5. Amplitude - Amplify - Center Wave 6. Quick Filter - Bass Boost

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