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Answers:Math.com has a variety of Algebra 1 and 2 worksheets. These worksheets are generated randomly, and you get to choose which topics are covered in the worksheets. For example, you could choose to make a worksheet covering single-variable and multiple-variable linear equations. These worksheets are available for free. The website will also give you answer keys if you ask for them. http://www.math.com Hope this helps!

Question:Hey can anyone tell me a site from where I can get free worksheets for english and maths. In maths my child has just learned addition in school so I want to practice it with him. Also in english he is learning three letter words with vowels in the middle but he sometimes has problem in recognizing the vowel so can anyone tell me a good site from where I can worksheets? As well as for oo and oe words. Thanks for your help. He is just 4 years old

Answers:Where are you that they are teaching this to 4 year olds?

Question:I need to practice doing high school math. I need a website other than KUTA that hus advance algebra, calculas, tri, and geometry practice problems. I need to download or print them from the computer.

Answers:u can google search math a regents. it will send u to a site with all of the stuff ur looking for. =]

Question:I have to teach a lesson in my Math class next week, and I'm stuck with teaching " Proportions and Similar Triangles." I need to find some easy worksheets that i can print off for free to hand out to the class, but i can't seem to find a website. Any help? Thanks to anyone who posts :]]

Answers:Try kutasoftware.com and download their free trial for infinite prealgebra. It's a wonderful program. You could also try edhelper.com Good luck.

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Free Printable Math Worksheets :Free printable math worksheets with colorful pictures for children kids in preschool, kindergarten, early childhood, daycare, first grade of k-12: counting practice, addition, subtraction, shapes, number recognition, writing number, coloring number, greater smaller number, ordering and fill in missing number worksheet

Free Printable Math Worksheets :amazingworksheets.blogspot.com