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Free Biology Notes for Class 12

Biology is an important branch of Science. 
It can be very interesting for someone if studied with intent. 

Students those who want to enter the medical field usually take biology in their class 11 and 12. This is mainly because the basic foundation in biology is essential if a professional course has to be charted out later. 
So, the emphasis on basic concepts of biology needs to be clear. 
This is why the students take up biology in their class 12. 

There are various topics that are studied in class 12. Some of them cover the reproduction process in the organisms or the evolution of the organism with respect to the immediate environment. 
Evolution is very important concept and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is worth mentioning under this topic. The free biology notes for class 12 can be obtained from various sources. The internet is a very important source. The teachers at school and at the tuition centres can be other sources. These sources are reliable but the sources from the internet have to be checked for their authenticity. 
The environmental issues facing the mankind are also part of the syllabus for the class 12 biology students. 
The various environmental issues can be like deforestation or the pollution. The pollution is of various types like land, air or water. 
The deforestation is a very crucial issue. 

Global warming is another threat to the mankind. This is caused by gases like Carbon dioxide and is responsible for the melting of the glaciers in the Antarctic or in the Polar Regions. 
This causes the level of the sea to rise and this is so dangerous for the coastal regions. It is estimated many years down the line any of the coastal cities may be submerged because of this phenomenon. So, it is high time that some action is taken.
There are certain micro organisms that are useful for the human beings. The micro organisms can also be called microbes. 
These are organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eyes and can be seen only with the help of the microscope. 
Nowadays with the advent of technology high resolution microscopes are available. The microbes that are useful to the human beings are also part of the syllabus of class 12 biology students. So, the free biology notes for class 12 must also concentrate on this. 

Some of the microbes that are useful for the human beings are the fermenting bacteria and the antibiotics. The antibiotics are used to cure diseases of the human body. They help in fighting the disease causing bacteria and provide good health for the human beings. The fermentation is a process. This is basically a metabolic process. 
In this process the sugars present in a product is converted into acids or alcohol. This process is used in the production of beer. Beer is third largest consumed beverage in the world.  The free biology notes for class 12 obtained from various sources must contain all the topics that are present in the syllabus. These notes must be properly arranged according to the topics. 

This will help in making the preparation for the examination easy. The organised work always leads to better results. Sometimes gases are also produced during the process of fermentation. The gases produced can be namely hydrogen or the methane. Hydrogen is the lightest gas.  When in the process of fermentation ethanol is generated then the gas carbon dioxide is also generated in the same process. 

Ecosystem and biodiversity are other important topics in class 12 biology. The conservation of ecosystem is very important. These topics must be properly learned.