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Free Biology Notes for Class 11

Science is a fascinating subject. There are various branches of science. Biology forms an important part of the subject. This is a very interesting subject and deals with the flora and fauna. The students interested in medicine career in future must be part of the biology stream or they must atleast take biology in their school. This subject could be learnt only if one is interested in learning the subject. 
Some students may not like to learn about life sciences, and decide to opt for other subjects that are available. But it is essential to learn about this subject; as this is very essential for people who ants to become a very good doctor. 
As this is a matter of life and death and hence this profession is considered to be divine. 
It is important to be dedicated and committed to the profession.

The notes on this subject can be obtained through the teachers in the classroom. Some students go for tuitions to learn this subject. They collect notes from the teachers who take tuition for them. Then there is the internet. A lot of information is available on the net which can be made use of. The free biology notes for class 11 can be obtained from the internet at free of cost. But before using the information on the internet one must check for its authenticity. A lot of information is available on the internet and all of the information need not be true.
So, proper checking has to be done before one starts to use the information. If the information is not correct the learning will not be accurate and will lead to lot of confusion.

The free biology notes for class 11 can also be obtained from reliable sources like magazines, journals and so on. 
There are various magazines and journals that write about the subject. Latest news on the topics related to the subject could also be got from the newspaper. So, one must be an ardent reader in order to understand the nuances of the subject. The process of acquiring knowledge must be well defined; only then true knowledge can be acquired. 

There are various topics in the class 11 syllabus like the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. There are chapters about the cells and the molecules. The use of microscope for the viewing of microbes is also taught. The dissection of the insects like the cockroach is taught during the practical lab session. This can be very informative and prepares the students for the future. 
The practical lab sessions are very important for the students. This gives them a better perspective about the subject and helps them to understand the subject well. 

Only theoretical knowledge will not be sufficient to understand the subject completely and thoroughly. So, a proper mix of theory and practicals is important. 
Cell division in the class 11 syllabus can be very interesting. The various stages involved in the cell division are explained. This has to be understood carefully. 

The free biology notes for class 11 can throw light on various topics like these and so the notes have to be carefully used for proper understanding of the subject. Once the subject is understood clearly it will become more interesting. 
The various concepts about various topics must be learnt thoroughly; otherwise the subject would become boring and tough to understand.  There can two branches or sub topics under the main head biology. They are categorised as  Botany and the Zoology. 
Botany deals with plants while Zzoology deals with the animals. This is the basic difference between the two branches and should be noted.

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Question:including all work, notes, tests, which one would most likely take up more space?

Answers:I think physics will take up more space because I took biology last year and I didn't get that much notes. I never took physics but now I am taking chemistry and it is similar to physics, and I have more notes in chemistry than biology.

Question:English 11 (Dual Credit -- get credit with college -- NOT AP) Algebra 2 AP Biology Chemistry American History Psychology/Sociology (Psych for one semester, Sociology the other semester) SAT Prep Class I need to get all A's this year to qualify for a scholarship. Can you give me good advice on how to maintain focus on school work and not on social life? On how to pass the SAT and ACT? How to stay organized? Thank you!! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Answers:You have a great schedule. Looks pretty challenging to me. Just study hard and keep track of your days. Use an agenda book to keep track of your homework assignments, important exam dates, presentations, projects, etc. Focusing on school work is great, but you need to have somewhat of a social life too to balance your schedule. Too much school work can burn you out and then you won't perform as well in school. For the SAT's and ACT's, just keep doing practice questions. Practice questions are the best way to prepare. Sometimes the questions will reappear on your exam because every once in a while a past question will appear. My SAT had a question that I had on my PSAT. You're also in pretty good shape taking an SAT Prep Class because it will show the tricks to doing well. I'd also recommend www.number2.com. It's a great website that will give you SAT and ACT prep for free. I've starting using it too. It gives you some basic information and some tricks. It breaks the 3 main sections of the SAT into subsections (ex: math they have arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc). Also, you can take a couple of SAT practice tests. You could take a book out of the library (though this is usually a whole prep book and that might just be too much for you at once) or you can go online to www.collegeboard.com. I know that there's one SAT practice test. I'm not sure if the ACT has a practice test, but you could do the ACT question of the day, every day if you wanted to. I hope this helps! Good luck with your Junior year!

Question:I'm making a 72(progress report grade) in Biology Pre-Ap but I really want to bring it up to a B+ or preferably an A. I have worked so hard in that class but the problem is the test he gives us. We are now doing an animal kingdom notebook project and we are allowed to use our notes, but when it is test time, it's not easy looking through the whole notebook secton in less than 50 mins on a 40-50 question test. Please, what are some advice to help me prepare better on my test. I write my notes in a sub-divided format( I forgot what the format is called) so they are very organized. I don't know, I don't think I study enough but I really want to do well on my next test and this six weels report card. Please help(Tips!!, are welcome) ---------------- -10 points-best answer -5 stars -added contact(if I already added you, I'll answer 1 or 2 of your questions) p.s I have one week because after this week is final exams and I would like some tips to prepare for the biology exam... thx

Answers:It is good you can use your notes, but don't use them as a crutch. I home schooled my daughter and she always did well on the animal kingdom because she loves animals. Math went in one ear and out the other. To this day, she has problems with math. It is not that she can't do it, it is her attitude toward it. My point, hit the books and fall in love with the subject. I know it sounds hard, but you are seeing the animals a seperate. In the larger picture, they are a part of us. Find out how. My husband and I went to 'The Bodies Exhibit' when we were in Vegas. He didn't want to go at first, but then he changed his thinking about it and enjoyed it. It had a bunch of bodies sliced in different ways so you can see inside the human body, in case you never heard of it. You would be surprised how some parts of our inner bodies look like different fish and animals. It was amazing. Anyway, attitude is key. Once you make the decision to really know the subject, you will be more aware of thing you wouldn't have noticed before. Just learning it for a test will only get you so far. Learning to have an understanding and really seeing the subject will give you a greater understanding and then you will be able to mark references that will take you quicker to areas with facts that will be usable on your test. Use those post it tabs to help you move quicker. I hope I helped you. Good luck.

Question:tgA = 2; alpha = a sin^2(a) + 12sin(a) cos(a) +cos^2(a) / sin(a) + sin(a) cos(a) -2cos^2(a) please help, and fully explain process. Thank you.

Answers:What you wrote means: sin^2(a) + 12sin(a) cos(a) + (cos^2(a) / sin(a)) + sin(a) cos(a) -2cos^2(a) This answer will assume you meant: (sin^2(a) + 12sin(a) cos(a) +cos^2(a) ) / (sin(a) + sin(a) cos(a) -2cos^2(a)) Divide top and bottom by cos^2(a) and replace sin/cos by tan ( = tg): = (tan^2(a) + 12tan(a) + 1) / (tan(a)/cos(a) + tan(a) - 2), substitute tan(a)=2: = (4 + 24 + 1) / (2/cos(a) + 2 - 2) = 29 cos(a) / 2 Now draw a right triangle with legs 1 and 2 so tan(a) = 2 and observe that cos(a) = 1/sqrt(5). Thus we get: 29 cos(a) / 2 = 29sqrt(5) / 10 for the final answer. Note: I also assume that by tgA=2 you meant tan(a) = 2. A clearer question would get better answers.

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