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Question:alright guys i need ar answers plz. This whole semester i was studying math and my science fair and i had no time what so ever. Plz dont post comments that i had to read cuz i really know. Books from charlie Bone, Harry potter, twilight seriese or any big books. Best answers gets 20 point PLz and thank u

Answers:http://www.themaster01.webs.com/apps/blog Not Big Books But Answers All Of Them Are 6 Points Besides 121 Express Is 2 Points

Question:10 points BEST answer! Please what is a non-AR book my daughter can read for school in 1 day??? or a book that has an easy summary with NO AR test?

Answers:a good one my sister read (got her 10 points,shes in 6 grade),is tale of desperaux.its entertaining and good for grade levels 5-8.it may sound to easy,but its kind of challenging srry if this doesnt work bye

Question:I know this is called cheating, but i've just been so busy that I couldn't read. Please no books under 5 points. Thanks! I'd like for you to give me the book name and the AR (Accelerated Reader) test answers. Thanks!

Answers:I don't think people are going to be able to just give you the answers. just pick up a book and read. to busy just read a bit at night a book will go fast.

Question:if you dont know what an AR book its like a program were you read the book and take tests on it also do you think you should be able to do book reports on them? i mean of course as long as their not Ero or have adult content right?

Answers:yah uhm.....i'm not a teacher but i'll still answer: yeah i would deffinetly want them to consider manga for AR books. you'd have to make sure there wasn't any adult content but other than that i think it would be a great idea. the librarys seem to test every book but manga.

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