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Question:22/7 = 3.142857... 355/113 = 3.1415929... Anyone else know two whole numbers that can be divided to get a more accurate approximation of pi?

Answers:256/81 864/275 [1] 52163/16604 [2] 103993/33102 [3] 211891/67447 [4] More can be found at [5].

Question:Okay, I just jotted this down, can someone check if it's all correct, and is there anything you would add or change? thanks!!! Arithmetic with Fractions and Whole Numbers ADDITION To add fractions we need common denominators, to do this with a whole number, simple place it over 1 and follow the steps of adding fractions. SUBTRACTION To subtract fraction we need common denominators, to do this with a whole number, simple place it over 1 and follow the steps of subtracting fractions. Another way of subtracting fractions is to barrow 1 from the whole number and change that 1 to the number of the fraction s denominator over itself. MULTPLICATION Because we don t need common denominators to multiply fractions, you can simply just place the whole number over 1, and then multiply straight across and reduce (if you get an improper fraction change it to a mixed number for the final answer). DIVISION Again, because we do not need common denominators to divide fractions, you simply place the whole number over 1 and then multiply the fraction by the reciprocal of the second. Questions 1: What if it s a whole number and a mixed number? and do these rules work whether the whole number is on the left or right of the fraction?

Answers:All of your rules are correct. For your first question, if there is a whole number and a mixed number, you still put the whole number over one and then change the mixed number into an improper fraction. To do that, times the denominator by the whole number and add the numerator. Then the denominator stays the same. So for an example, 3 1/2 would become 7/2. Two times three is six, plus one is 7. The denominator stays 2. Then you can find a common denominator if you're adding or subtracting, or just continue with multiplication or division. You will need to simplify at the end and turn it back into a mixed number usually. Also, a fraction should never be written with the whole number after the fraction.

Question:So I'm doing a review of all the math skills I learned in junior high, and I completely forgot how to divide a fraction by a whole number. 1 1/4 7 = Can anyone tell me how to get this answer, then convert it to a mixed number? Thanks. I still need to figure out how to convert the answer to a mixed number...

Answers:you want to convert the fraction to a improper fraction first. Then you invert the second number (so 7/1 becomes 1/7). And instead of dividing you now multiply. 5/4 x 1/7 = 5/28 5/28 can't be simplified any further so that's your answer, hope it helps :)

Question:How can I add -1/8 + 4 - 3/4 + 2 1/2 - 6 1/4 ?? The fractions with numbers next to them confuse me...

Answers:change everything to over 8. -1/8 + 32/8 + 12/8 - 14/8. combine 44/8 -14/8 - 1/8= 29/8 reduce 3 5/8

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