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Question:This probably gets asked a lot, sorry! I am a sophomore retaking Algebra 1. It is so stressful for me already.. I am trying my best. Thanks

Answers:use perhaps the Riemann's dzeta function

Question:Is there a math calculator that does algebra factoring and shows the work?

Answers:Indeed, it is known as one's brain

Question:1. The length of a rectangle is 5 cm more than 4 times its width. If the area of the rectangle is 76 cm^2, find the dimensions of the rectangle to the nearest thousandth. 2. The height h in feet of an object after t seconds is given by the fraction h = -16t^2 + 30t + 8. How long will it take the object to hit the ground? Round answer to the nearest thousandth.

Answers:the first is a word problem; you set up two equations and solve simultaneously: if the length is 4 * the width + 5 cm, you have one equation: l = 4w + 5 and if the area is 76 cm^2, its length * width is 76, so you set up the other equation: l * w = 76. this means that: w = 76/l substitute this into the first equation: l = 4(76/l) + 5. you can solve for l: l^2 - 5l -304 = 0 you need the quadratic equation to solve this, and you come up with l= 20.1, w = 3.78 the other problem just needs the quadratic equation for. either as a calculator program or: -b+/- sq.root(4b-2ac)//2a also, you can approximate through factoring, but the answer is: 2.11 s

Question:Taking college algebra. Never had it before and do not really understand it. It supposedly deals with all different algebra problems including slopes, graphs, x, y values and fractions

Answers: - i like this better but try these to:

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Java Fraction Calculator :Okay, this was around one hour of work with JAVA netbeans. I was only programming java in the past 2 1/2 months, so I'm good... I think and I hope. The minigame was around 15 minutes and I think it may still contain some bugs