four differences between dna and rna

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Question:1) What are the four differences between DNA and RNA? 2)What are two similarities between DNA and RNA? THANKS

Answers:1. DNA is double-stranded; RNA is single-stranded. 2. DNA has adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine; RNA has adenine, uracil, guanine, cytosine. 3. DNA has deoxyribose; RNA has ribose. 4. DNA stays in the nucleus; RNA can goes out of the nucleus. Same: 1. DNA and RNA are both made of blocks called nucleotides, consisting of sugar/phosphate/nitrogen base. 2. DNA and RNA share the bases adenine, cytosine, guanine. The phosphates are the same, of course.

Question:What are three ways in which DNA and RNA differ in strucure and/or function? I thought that; 1. DNA is a double helix, with two chains bonded together and twisted, and RNA is a single helical molecule, with only one chain twisted. 2. Uracil is in place of thymine as one of RNA's four nitrogen bases.

Answers:thats right what you already said also take a look at this Differences between DNA and RNA DNA is double stranded; RNA is a single stranded N.B. ATP is also a nucleotide, with ribose as the pentose sugar. DNA contains the pentose sugar deoxyribose; RNA contains the pentose sugar ribose. DNA has the base Thymine (T) but not Uracil (U); RNA has U but not T. DNA is very long (billions of bases); RNA is smaller (hundreds to thousands of bases) DNA is self-replicating, RNA is copied from the DNA so it is not self-replicating lastly check out this revision site it will give you the differences

Question:1.which of this is a difference between DNA and RNA? a)DNA is found in the nucleus; RNA is never found is the nucleus. b)In DNA, adenine pairs with guanier; in RNA, adenine pairs with thymine. c)DNA consists of five different nucleotides;Rna consists of four different nucleotides. d)DNA contains thymine; RNA consists of four different nucleotides. e)RNA is doubles-stranded; DNA is sigle-stranded. 2.which of the follwing is not a component of the endomembrane system? a)Golgi apparatus b)lysosome c)vacuole d)endoplasmic reticulum e)ribosome 3.Nucleic acids are polymers of ____monemers. a)nucleotide b)hydrocarbon c)fatty acid d)DNA e)monosaccharide 4.The difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells is that eukaryotic cells ____prokaryotic. a)have DNA, which is lacking in b)have a nucleoid region, which is lacking in c)lack the complexity seen in d)have a nucleus, which is lacking in e)have a plasma membrane, which is lacking in

Answers:1. a is not true - rna is found in the nucleus sometimes b is not true - a pairs with t in DNA, a with u in RNA c is not true - dna has 4 nucleotides d is true, DNA has t, RNA has 4 nucleotides e is not true, rna is single stranded, DNA is double stranded 2 e a ribosome is a protein and RNA complex, it is not part of the endomembrane system 3 a nucleotide monomers is correct d is not correct because DNA is made up of nucleic acids, not the other way around 4 a false b opposite c opposite d true e false

Question:Hello Everyone! Just a quick question... What is the difference between DNA and RNA? Thank you so much! Vanessa<3

Answers:DNA vs RNA - DNA - double stranded - RNA - single stranded - DNA - contains deoxyribose sugar - RNA - contains ribose sugar - DNA - nitrogenous bases are A , T , C, and G. - RNA - nitrogenous bases are A, U, C and G. - DNA - It serves as heriditary material in most of the organisms - RNA - It is heriditary material for most of the viruses. - DNA - It consists of large number of nucleotides [ about 4 million] - RNA - it consists of less number of nucleotides [ about 12,000]. - DNA - Present in nucleus , mitochondria and chloroplasts - RNA - present throughout the cytoplasm except vacoules. - DNA - it is fuelgen +ve [ stain]. - RNA - it is fuelgen -ve [ stain]. Hope this helps !