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formulas for finding the measure of an angle

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Question:m<13=2x+94 m<14=7x+49 when i looked in back of the book i got 112 but i have to show my work but idk how to do it can you plz do it for me NOTE: m< means the measure ofr angle 13 = and so on....

Answers:the picture must be showing vertical angles so this means 2x + 94 = 7x + 49 and you solve this and get x = 9 now substitute m<13 = 2(9) + 94 == 112 m<14 = 7(9) + 49 == 112 ~~

Question:The question is, "Use an algebraic equation to find the measure of each angle that is represented in terms of x." There are two parallel lines with a line that intersects the two. One equation is "12x - 3 degrees," and it is an obtuse interior angle (top line, bottom right). The other equation is "10x + 5 degrees," it is an obtuse exterior angle (bottom line, top left). There is no other information given. How do I do this? I can't seem to find the right formula for this. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Answers:It sounds like you have 2 alternate interior angles. If that is the case, then the should equal each other. So, set up the equation: 12x - 3 = 10x + 5 2x = 8 x = 4 enter the value "4" for x in each equation 12x - 3 = 12(4) - 3 = 48 - 3 = 45 degrees 10x + 5 = 10(4) + 5 = 40 + 5 = 45 degrees :)

Question:In a triangle, one angle is 2 times as large as another. The measure of the third angle is 80 degrees greater than that of the smallest angle. Find the measure of each angle. show the formula you are using to solve and steps please or the job with the consecutive integers style : x= x+2= x+4=

Answers:x + 2x + x + 80 = 180 4x = 100 x = 25 x is the smallest angle The rest is just plugging in x for the other two angles. So: 25*, 50*, 105*

Question:i have a scalene triangle and angle B =84 degrees side a=18 side b=9 how do i solve the triangle? i know the formula to find them. (a/sinA=b/sinB) and then cross multiply and everything, but this one confused me. thanks!

Answers:sin A = (a / b) sin B = (18 / 9) sin 18 = 2 sin 18 = now you can do

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Finding Angle Measures :6th grader, Kat, shows us how to find missing angle measures. Part of the free Mathtrain.TV Podcast on iTunes and free Mathtrain.TV "Kids Teaching Kids" Project from Lincoln Middle School, in Santa Monica, CA.