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Format of Notice Writing

Notice writing is way of announcing a detail of an event or displaying important information to target audience or a group of people in a notice board. It is a short writing form and widely accepted as a means of communication in newspapers, residential welfare societies, institutions, schools and government and private organizations. Notice writing is generally done to notify students, employees and the target audience about an event or happening in a clear and concise manner. In notice writing, purpose of an event, date, time and venue are being mentioned so as to provide accurate information to a group of people.

While writing a notice some of the points should be taken into consideration by the writer in order to make the content more observable as well as appealing for the readers. Important points are discussed underneath:

1.  Notify the readers about an event through 5 Ws (What is the event, where it is going to take place, When it is going to happen, Who all are allowed to participate and Whom they should contact for more information)

2. Notice writing should be done in few words typically in 40 to 50 words.

3. Always use catchy words and bold letters when writing a title.

4. It should be written in box so that a reader can easily identify the notice. 

For better clarification notice writing format is mentioned below:

1. Name of the institution should be written in the center of the page.

2. Second line should be written NOTICE in capital letters.

3. In the middle of the page, a catchy title should be mentioned.

4. Date should be written on left hand side corner of the next line, above the title.

5. Next should be the body of notice, which should explain the exact information.

6. Notice should end with writer’s name, signature and designation.