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Format of Notice Writing

Notice writing is way of announcing a detail of an event or displaying important information to target audience or a group of people in a notice board. It is a short writing form and widely accepted as a means of communication in newspapers, residential welfare societies, institutions, schools and government and private organizations. Notice writing is generally done to notify students, employees and the target audience about an event or happening in a clear and concise manner. In notice writing, purpose of an event, date, time and venue are being mentioned so as to provide accurate information to a group of people.

While writing a notice some of the points should be taken into consideration by the writer in order to make the content more observable as well as appealing for the readers. Important points are discussed underneath:

1.  Notify the readers about an event through 5 Ws (What is the event, where it is going to take place, When it is going to happen, Who all are allowed to participate and Whom they should contact for more information)

2. Notice writing should be done in few words typically in 40 to 50 words.

3. Always use catchy words and bold letters when writing a title.

4. It should be written in box so that a reader can easily identify the notice. 

For better clarification notice writing format is mentioned below:

1. Name of the institution should be written in the center of the page.

2. Second line should be written NOTICE in capital letters.

3. In the middle of the page, a catchy title should be mentioned.

4. Date should be written on left hand side corner of the next line, above the title.

5. Next should be the body of notice, which should explain the exact information.

6. Notice should end with writer’s name, signature and designation. 

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From Yahoo Answers

Question:I am currently working for an employer that hasn't scheduled me for nearly enough hours over the past year that I have been employed with them. They constantly are putting me into pressuring positions where I must leave certain days open, just to find out I am NOT working - when I could have been doing other, personal events. I need to write a letter to my boss informing them that I will not be able to continue working at the company and that I will be stepping down from my position. I was a temporary employee as it is, so they will not have to search for a new hire to replace me. How should a letter like this be formatted/written/etc? Any help, with details and examples, would be great!

Answers:Your best bet would be not to quit. File for unemployment instead. That will help you until you find another job and it will cause their rates to increase. They may be trying to force you to quit. Don't do it. File for unemployment instead.

Question:I work at a fast food place and i hate it. what do you write in your two weeks notice? like what do you put in it? or should i just talk to my boss?

Answers:You should talk to your boss in person and hand him/her a written two weeks notice. The letter/memo should look something like this: Dear (your boss), Thank you for the opportunity to work for (fast food restaurant). After working here for (how ever long) I have come to realize that this job just isn't for me. I would like to give you two weeks notice, my last day will be (date). Respectfully, (Your Name) Good Luck, and good job for putting in notice rather than just quitting.

Question:and where do i write my address? does it have to be in all capital?

Answers:center- person your sending it to's name -address your name /address in top left corner

Question:I want to send letter to family in Portugal but I'm not sure if the format for the address is the same is it house number first then street name then town/city and postal code? Thanks in advance

Answers:Sounds nice, although I have a feeling that PC goes before the City. Either way, if all the elements are there, the Mighty Postman will figure it out.