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Format for Writing a Speech

A speech is being delivered with an objective to draw a large public attention in formal and informal occasions. In a speech, strong and convincing words are being used to stimulate audience interest and to invite them in your views, thoughts, ideas and opinions. While speaking at public gathering make sure that you address the chief guest, fellow speakers and the audience by greeting them and after that you can convey the main idea to them. It is ideal to present your view and thoughts in a logical manner so as to make it comprehensible for audience. If possible provide some facts and evidences that will help in substantiating your points in front of the public. Speech writing can be categorized into four important parts including informative, persuasive, demonstrative and entertaining.  All forms of speeches are explained in detail manner underneath.

1. Informative: This form of speech aims to inform the audience about important facts. For e.g. – informing audience about current budget plan.

2. Persuasive: This kind of speech is generally written to persuade the target audience for some noble cause. For e.g. - convincing people for teaching poor and downtrodden children.

3. Demonstrative: Demonstrative speech is mainly delivered in school assemblies in order to instruct students about some informative activities. For e.g. – instructing students about the benefits of time management.

4. Entertaining: This form of speech is primarily delivered with a purpose to amuse the audience. It is spoken in special occasions like birthday parties, marriage anniversary parties, reunion parties, etc.  For e.g. - why do men forget marriage anniversary and birthday dates.

With above mentioned points, it is proved that speech writing format differ from each other. Format of speech writing can be modified in accordance with the occasion. If the occasion is formal like political speech, school assembly speech or speech on health, etc. then it should be written in an organized manner. The content of formal speech is mainly written to persuade a large audience. However, speech writing for informal occasions is written to entertain the audience. A formal speech writing format is mentioned below for students understanding:

1. First line should start with salutation. The speaker should greet the chief guest, fellow speakers and audience with good morning or good evening.

2. Write a speech on a topic that best suits an audience interest. The speech should start with forceful and strong words so as to hold audience attention for a longer duration.

3. To accomplish the main purpose, present your ideas and thoughts in front of the audience. You can provide evidences to validate your points. Moreover, encourage audience participation in the conversation in order to make it more effective.

4. Express your views in a coherent manner so that the audience won’t get confused.

5. Close your speech by taking some important suggestions from the audience.

6. Last but not the least, say thanks to the audience at the end of the speech.

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Question:Well I have to write a 5 min speech about anything. I'm leaning towards the topic of how the game of life is for redheads (easy to BS since i am a redhead). How do i go about writing a speech. What is better notecards or an outline? Any blank outlines or guides you can link me to?

Answers:Put each paragraph on a separate index card and i had about 8-9 index cards because I didn't want to fall short. Just write a couple of paragraphs and time yourself. If you fall short, right more. If you go over, shave it down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Question:hi im am helping my brother write a speech on pollution and the environment. i would like to start of the speech with him saying: ''by the time i am....'' and listing a few facts about how pollution will lead to the deterioration of the planets and kill of the animal and plant life. please assist with a few facts and the years that the problems are expected to materialize in. for example: in 42 years time the Artic ocean will no longer have any ice due to global warming.

Answers:http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/earth_climate/pollution/ couldn't ask for a better site. Many links to find exactly what you need for your brother's speech.

Question:and where do i write my address? does it have to be in all capital?

Answers:center- person your sending it to's name -address your name /address in top left corner

Question:I want to send letter to family in Portugal but I'm not sure if the format for the address is the same is it house number first then street name then town/city and postal code? Thanks in advance

Answers:Sounds nice, although I have a feeling that PC goes before the City. Either way, if all the elements are there, the Mighty Postman will figure it out.

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How to Write a Speech : Speech Thesis :The thesis of a speech is the most important, and it is the main idea of the entire presentation. Write a thesis statement with tips from a public speaking professor in this free video on communications. Expert: Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy Goodwin has a masters in corporate communication and 10 years experience in professional speaking. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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