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Two basic types of food-chain are recognized: the grazing and detrital pathways. In practice these interact to give a complex food-web. ...

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Question:is this a picture of a food chain. http://bethyoung.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/food_chain.gif

Answers:Jeez, I don't know . . . I always tell the waitress that she's an important link in the food chain . . . and I don't see any waitress in your diagram. Seriously, it looks like a good food chain to me . . . just don't eat the fish with high levels of mercury in it! Ah the perils of 21st Century cuisine!


Answers:White tigers are very rare in the wild, in 100 years only 12 have been seen in the wild. They are a result of a double recessive gene, that removes the orange and black pigment. There is no such thing as a white siberian tiger, only bengal. In captivity, all white tigers are inbred, its the only way to breed them in captivity, by breeding brother with sister, dad with daughter... they are in pain, mutated, cross eyed, sometimes infertile and live terrible lives. Its a very cruel act. A white tiger food chain is the same as a normal bengal. Soil > Grass > Deer > Tiger http://www.lairweb.org.nz/tiger/hunting8.html


Answers:I'd do the activity pictorially. Give the kid some pictures of animals, have him cut them out, paste them in the right order and draw arrows between them to show the flow of the food chain.


Answers:Pictures might be used or the child can be read to or helped by someone in his reading.