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floral diagram of hibiscus

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Question:i need a picture of a hibiscus flower with LABELED parts to it

Answers:Here is simple diagram with labeled parts: http://www.clipart.com/en/close-up?o=277923 Here is search with colored diagrams to download: http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&q=%22hibiscus+%22+diagram

Question:I think the ovule of a dandelion is the part where it holds the seeds of the dandelion... But after searching for so long on the web and images, I can't find a labeled diagram or explanation. Please help ):

Answers:The scientific name of the plant / flower in question is Taraxacum Kindly click on the link below to see a labeled photo- http://www.inhs.illinois.edu/~kenr/Photos/Taraxacum2.jpg What we call Dandelion flower is in fact a collection of small flowers ( florets ). This is a feature of all plants oa asteraceae family ( Sunflower , Dahlia etc) The flowers or florets of Dandelion are of two types viz. Peripheral ray florets and central disc florets . Ray florets are generally attractive . Click on the link below and study Arnica flower that is very similar to Dendelion-- Taraxacum officinale- http://chestofbooks.com/health/materia-medica-drugs/Textbook-Materia-Medica/Arnica-Flowers-Flores-Arnicae.html Taraxacum officinale the florets are of one type only i.e. Almost all of them are Ray florets. The basic floral structure of all asteraceae members is the same . So if you study any one of them carefully you will get a fair idea about Taraxacum flower ,( For example Sunflower dipicted below ) http://waynesword.palomar.edu/images/suflhd5.jpg

Question:umm...im designing an experiment to test ph...i have to make indicators from 3 different species of flowers (pink primrose, red hibiscus, and yellow primrose)...now i dont know what to write as my hypothesis and expected results...help please...the method is as follows: Materials Mortar and pestle 70% rubbing alcohol HCl, hydrochloric acid (pH = 1) Vinegar (pH = 3) Distilled water (pH = 7) Ammonium hydroxide (pH = 11) Sodium hydroxide (pH = 13) Medicine dropper One well plate unknown solution i'll add the other details in a min Procedure Using a mortar and pestle, crush the petals of one of the flowers. Add 8 ml of alcohol to the mortal n continue to crush the flower petals. Use the medicine dropper to transfer one ml of the alcohol and crushed petal solution into a single well. Continue adding the solution to six separate wells lined up vertically. Thoroughly rinse the mortar n pestle with tap water. Repeat steps 1-5 with each type of flower. Use a dropper to add one ml of HCl to each of the wells in line #1. Use a dropper to add one ml of vinegar to each of the wells in line #2. Use a dropper to add one ml of distilled water to each of the wells in line #3. Use a dropper to add one ml of ammonium hydroxide to each of the wells in line #4. Use a dropper to add 1 ml of NaOH to each of the wells in line #5. Use a dropper to add one ml of unknown acid or base to each of the wells in line #6. Draw a diagram showing the color change after adding the acid n base solns. Determine relative ph of unknown soln.

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Question:Find the slope and y-intercept of each line. y = -3x + 9 a) slope: 3, y-intercept:- 9 b) slope: -3, y-intercept: 9 c)slope: 1, y-intercept: -3 d) slope: 9, y-intercept: -3 2. Find the slope and y-intercept of each line. y = x - 3 a) slope: 3, y-intercept: -1 b)slope: -3, y-intercept: 1 c) slope: 1, y-intercept: -3 d) slope: -1, y-intercept: -3 3) Which of the lines graphed in the diagram represents the equation 6x + 4y = 8? http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll68/fruitloops74/important.gif a) line a b) line b c) line c d) line d this too. David is selling floral arrangements. Each arrangement uses 1 vase and 12 roses. Each vase costs David $2.00. Let C be the total cost of the arrangement and r be the cost of 1 rose. Which equation should David use to find the total cost of each arrangement? a)C = 12r + 2 b) C = 2r + 12 c) 12C = r + 12 d) 12 = C + 2r

Answers:1.b 2.c 3.d 4.a