five differences between mitosis and meiosis

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Question:What are 4 major differences between Mitosis and Meiosis?

Answers:1.Mitosis is involved in growth and repair. Meiosis is involved in gamete production. 2.Mitosis produces two cells from one parent cell. Meiosis produces four cells from one parent cell. 3.Mitosis produce diploid cells. Meiosis produces haploid cells. 4.Mitosis has one round of division. Meiosis has two rounds of division. 5.Mitosis produces two identical cells. Meiosis produces genetically different cells.

Question:List 4 ways in which meiosis differs from mitosis

Answers:1. Meiosis creates 4 cells, while mitosis creates 2 2. The cells created in meiosis are genetically unidentical; in meiosis, these cells are identical 3. Meiosis has two divisions (Meiosis I and II) that occur to create cells while mitosis only has one division 4. Meiosis creates gametes (sex cells) whereas mitosis creates somatic cells (normal body cells)

Question:I have several question with meiosis and mitosis, someone with a kind heart please help... :) I've been having trouble understanding this topic and we will be dicussing it next week and I just want to know it before we actually discussed this in school...some of it i understand but I want to make sure that I really "understand" it.. 1. What is the significance of mitosis? 2. What is the significance of meiosis? 3. What does mitosis mean for a unicellular organism and multicellular organism? ( I mean what do they do for each organism?) 4.What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis? (could you please be specific) 5. what is the different between animal and plant mitosis? actually this is not a homework. yes, we have been asked to read about the topic much early before we discuss it but thats just it. I just wanna understand it so I could participate during our class discussion because the teacher have been humiliating me in class whenever i cant answer his question and its terrible. So if I thought if I study this then the next time he would ask me I can answer his question, besides our book is way too confusing and english is not my first language so i have trouble understanding it...I just need someone to help me understand it...thats all :) you dont have to answer it specifically just the basic stuff thats all........... thanks for those who have been answering my getting a clear view of it now and im getting excited for our class tom. cant wait to let see my teacher that i have been studying harder

Answers:1.) Mitosis is required for growth and for repairing. Once a sperm and an egg meets or fuses together to form a zygote, the cell undergoes mitosis to form an individual. Also if you kill your own cell, the body compensates this by producing another one of exactly the same type by mitosis. 2.) Meiosis is required for producing sex cells or also known as gametes. Overall meiosis involves 2 cell divisons resulting in the formation of 4 new cells known as the daughter cells. Meiosis is important because it creates variation..well why is variation important?... well say you have a population of organism of the same type with same characteristics, once a disease is encountered and kills one of them, the whole lot will die out and the species will eradicate completely.. so having variation prevents this, because there will be one organism that will have the characteristics to survive this disease.. 3.) Unicellular organisms are made from one cell only, so if this cell undergoes mitosis an identical cell will be produced. For unicellular organism mitosis might be helpful for populating the habitat and for multicellular organism it is important for repair. 4.) Mitosis only has one cell division and meiosis has two cell divisions. Mitosis produces two daughter cells as the by-product while meiosis produces 4. Mitosis does not create variation but meiosis does. Also the two new daughter cells created by mitosis are diploid meaning full number of chromosomes are found while for meiosis the 4 cells created are haploid meaning half the number of chromosomes are found. 5.) Mitosis involves the use of centrioles. Plant cells dont have centrioles but animal cells do. Overall the same result is encountered. hope it helps :)

Question:whats 3 differences between meiosis and mitosis? 3 difference for each and 3 things that are the same

Answers:Both occur in single celled organisms BOTH REPRODUCE Both divide in phases mitisos produces identical daughter cells meiosis occurs in multi and single celled organisms and offers variability and adaptibility in changing environments meiosis occurs in 2 phases

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The difference between Mitosis and Meiosis??? :The different stages of Mitosis and Miosis

What's The Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis? :A scientific spoof on the classic by Dr. Dre and Xzibit. What's the difference between mitosis and meiosis? What's the difference between mitosis and meiosis? Lets explain each, first we got mitosis The cell starts off in interphase, where it's kickin' with the homies The cell grows and grows, till its ready to split from them hoes With all its new chromosomes, its ready to goes Next is prophase, the chromatids pair at the centromere The mitotic spindle forms outside the nuclear envelope here. The centrosomes move to opposite poles. That's where they stays. The chromosomes on the plate we call it metaphase (yeah). Comin is Anaphase, microtubules pull back at the kinetochore Separate the chromosomes; make 'em look like they're tore. Last is telophase, the new nucleolus and envelope formed With the help of cytokinesis, two daughter cells are borned. Break at the cleavage furrow, the cell's pinched in two If ya didn't know it before, we aim to give ya a clue. What's the difference between mitosis and meiosis? Meiosis does the gametes, while somatics from mitosis Meiosis I has the unique chromosome pairing of a tetrad Crossing over at chiasmata, that's synapsis, its really rad. Meiosis is next, looks a lot like the first one If it didn't have two phases, it might be mitosis' son. Starts off the same, interphase begins Chromosomes duplicate, rollin in the nuclear envelope like rims Now hear it gets different, we hit prophase uno Homologous chromosomes pair, makin a tetrad sumo ...