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Question:So basically i need to find six ordered pairs for the equation y=3/x I really suck in algebra and the worst thing for me is ordered pairs help please!!):

Answers:you don't need to do any algebra. Just replace x by a number, and let y equal the expression you have just written down: let x = 7, so 3/x becomes 3/7 and that's y! (7,3/7) keep doing it. and if you don't want to bother having to reduce fractions to lowest terms, just pick values of x that are not multiples of 3, so you don't have to do any work at all! ( 5, 3/5) (13,3/13) (11, 3/11) (29, 3/29) (89, 3/89) (100, 3/100) etc I hope that now even you, who claim to "suck" at algebra, will say "hey, that's easy!" Sheila Tobias is a sociologist, (NOT a mathematician) who has done research on math anxiety in girls and women, and one of her conclusions is that often that voice in our heads that says 'I'm not good at math" ,along with all the associated negative thoughts, is occupying so much of our minds that we have too little room left in our minds to actually THINK about the math! In some cases, that means that we never even give ourselves a chance to see that a particular problem is not really asking us to do very much at all, because we just assume beforehand that it will be hard and therefore too scary to think about.

Question:Hi :) Umm... I Just Wanted To Ask If I Can Recieve Some Help With These Problems... Im Barely Learning The Concept Of " y as the function of x" and I Really Don't Understand It... I Was Also Hoping That Instead Of Just Receiving The Answer, I Can Get Help With Explanation Of How To Do It, And Some Of The Rules To Find The Right Ordered Pairs... My Teacher's Way Of Teaching Is Not Very Helpful, But She Said That We Have To Use A Negative Number, A Positive Number, And 0 (Neutral Number). Thanks For Helping Out.. Really Appreciate... :) * 6x+3y=12 * x=1.5 * y=-2

Answers:I'm not certain what you're asking so I'll give a couple of different answers. If you're thinking that you should use x=1.5 and substitute into the equation to find y, and then repeat with y=-2 to find x. Basically, I think you're trying to solve two questions. Is that right? If not, skip down to the ************** section and look at the alternative answer. let's use x-1.5 just to start with. Where ever you see x, just write (1.5 * ...); like this. 6x + 3y = 12 6*1.5 + 3y = 12 9 + 3y = 12 (now subtract 9 from both sides) 3y = 3 y = 3 Now try for y = -2 6x + 3y = 12 6x + 3*-2 = 12 6x + -6 = 12 (same as 6x -6 = 12) 6x = 18 (now divide both sides by 6) x = 3 You have your two answers. **************************************** If you're being asked to rewrite the equation in terms of y = or x =, you should write it like this: 6x + 3y = 12 3 divides evenly into each of these so we can simplify the equation. 2x + y = 4 You can now use x = 1.5 or y= -2 and repeat the process used ealier. or if you're being asked to rewrite your equations so you have x = or a y = 2x + y = 4 (subtract 2x from both sides) y = 4 - 2x or y = -2x + 4 2x + y = 4 (subtract y from both sides) 2x = -y + 4 or 2x = 4 - y (divide both by 2 to remove the coeffecient) x = (4 - y)/2 [ there are other ways to write this answer e.g., x = 2 - (1/2)y ] There you have it - two equations a x in terms of y and y in terms of x. I hope these two sections didn't confuse you.

Question:Could someone PLEASE help me with this question. And once you have answered the question, can you tell me how you got the answer! The problem is... 3x-5y=1 3x+31=y I am using this equation for a grid. Its ordered pairs. (i.e (3, -5))

Answers:Its simultaneous equations I think. Use substitution. Firstly number the equations. (i) y=3x+31 (ii) 3x-5y=1 Substitute (i) into (ii), 3x-5(3x+31)=1 Then rearrange to find x. 3x-15x-155=1 -12x=156 x=-13 Substitute x back into the equations to find y. y=3(-13)+31 y=-2 So the answer is (-13,-2)

Question:18. x = 9 20. y = 10 22. x = -10

Answers:18. ( 9, 1) , ( 9, 2) , ( 9, 3) , 20. ( 1 , 10),( 2 , 10),( 3 , 10), 22. (-10, 2), (-10, 2), (-10, 3),

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Slope (Two Ordered Pairs) :Calculate the slope of a line from two ordered pairs.

Math Made Easy: Finding Points on a Grid Using Ordered Pairs (Coordinates) :In this video, I show you how to plot and locate points on a grid using an (x,y) coordinate system, also known as ordered pairs. I also show you how grids are divided into quadrants and how each quadrant has unique characteristics.