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Question:I don't really understand how to find range. I think for the domain you set the equation equal to 0 and solve but I'm not positive. How would I find the domain and range of this problem? f(x) = sqr rt (4 - 2x) Thanks

Answers:for domain, it is basically the restrictions of what X can be. you would only set the equation to 0 if it was a fraction and the equation was on the bottom. and it shouldn't be asking you for range with that sort of problem. basically domain is the "x"s and range is the "y" values that fit in that function. Good luck oh so the domain for that function would be all reall numbers

Question:i have this math problem y=lxl and i have to find the range of it. The multiple choice are A:All Real Numbers B:yly < or equal to 0 C:xlx > or equal to 0 D: yly < or equal to 0 can you tell me how to find the range of this and how to find the domain of other equations like this..i am os confused and cannot understand this What is the answer to this problem!!!!!!! y= lxl

Answers:The domain is the set of all real numbers, as any real number can be plugged into x. The range is the set of all real numbers greater than or equal to zero, and |x| cannot be a negative number. Domain: R Range: R-(- ,0)

Question:The directions are to identify the center and intercepts of each conic section. Give the domain and range of each graph. I have a couple of questions that I am stuck on. First, the picture of the circle is passing through the coordinates, (5,0)(-5,0) and (0,5)(0,-5) would those be the intercepts? And I don't know how to find the domain and range. The center of the circle is at (0,0). The next problem is a hyperbola, it's passing through (1,0)(-1,0). I tried looking for sample problems in my Algebra book, but there seems to be none. Please and thanks. :P

Answers:Explanation First: Yes! You are correct! Any points with any coordinates that are 0 are considered intercepts. Last Problems: All of those are correct! You are doing great for each problem! :)

Question:How do I find the domain and range of abs value functions?

Answers:well the domain, or the x, is always going to be the set of all real numbers. Now, the range is found by making the amount in the absolute value 0, then solving the problem. For example f(x)=3|x-2| + 3, make the absolute value 0, so 3*0 + 3 = 3, so the range would be {y such that y(is greater than or equal to) 3}.

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