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find a scale factor of the dilation

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Question:1. A dilation has center (0, 0). Find the image of the point B (-2, 6) for the scale factor of 5. a. B' (-10, 30)....MY ANSWER!!! b. B' (1, -3) c. B' (-2, 3) d. B' (3, 11) 2. Quadrilateral PQRS is dilated with a scale factor of 0.5. The vertex points of the preimage are P(2, 5), Q(5, 4), R(4, 1) and S(0, 0). What are the vertex points of the image? a. P (5, 2), Q (4, 5), R (1, 4), S (0, 0) b. P (1, 2.5), Q (2.5, 2), R (2, 0.5), S (0, 0)......MY ANSWER!!! c. P (4, 10), Q (10, 8), R (8, 2), S (0, 0) d. P (2, 2.5), Q (5, 2), R (2, 1), S (0, 0) 3. The point (-4, 6) is reflected over the x-axis. What are the coordinates of the image? a. (-6, 4) b. (4, -6) c. (4, 6) d. (-4, -6)......MY ANSWER!!! 4. A rotation is an isometry. a. Always............MY ANSWER!!! b. Sometimes c. Never 5. Which of the following represents a 90 degree counterclockwise rotation of RECT? R____E l l T------- C a. E____C ........MY ANSWER!!!! l l R-------T b. R_____T l l E---------C c. E_____R l l C-------- T d. none of the above are correct 6. Describe the translation in words: (x, y) (x + 3, y - 7). a. 3 units to the right, 7 units up b. 3 units to the left, 7 units up c. 3 units to the left, 7 units down d. 3 units to the right, 7 units down .......MY ANSWER!!!! 7. The vertices of triangle KLM are K (3, 3), L (5, 4), and M (0, 6). Find the coordinates of K after the translation (x, y) (x + 4, y - 1). a. K (-7, 4) b. K (7, 2)......MY ANSWER!!!! c. K (4, -1) d. K (6, 4) 8. The point (4, -2) is reflected over the line y = x. What are the coordinates of the image? a. (-2, -4) b. (-2, 4)....MY ANSWER!!!! c. (-4, -2) d. (-4, 2) 9. State the segment that represents a 72 degree clockwise rotation of Line Segment AB about the point P. http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/assessment_... a. Line segment EA b. Line segment ED c. Line segment BC......MY ANSWER!!!! d. Line segment CD 10. Identify the transformation below. http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/assessment_... a. reflection......MY ANSWER!!!!! b. translation c. isometry 11. Look at the transformation below. Answer the following questions for each transformation. http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/assessment_... MY ANSWERS!!!! a. Are the figures congruent? NO b. Is the figure an example of an isometry? NO c. What type of transformation is it? A dilation (enlargement) 12. What are the coordinates of the image when the triangle ABC is reflected over the y-axis if A(0, 3), B(3, 3) and C(1, 1). MY ANSWER!!!!! If point P (x, y) is reflected over the y-axis, the image is P' (-x, y). A (0,3) to A'(0,3) B (3,3) to B' (-3,3) C (1,1) to C' (-1,1) I DON"T KNOW THESE???? 13. Describe the translation below using words. http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/assessment_... 14. Which of the transformations preserve all of the following characteristics? Are these transformations isometries? Explain why. a. angle measure b. collinearity c. betweeness of points d. orientation 15. Describe the scale factor in the dilation below if AB = 4, AC = 5, BC = 8, A B = 10, A C = 12.5, B C = 20. http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/assessment_...

Answers:1. a) 2. b) 3. d) 4. a) 5. a) 6. d) 7. b) 8. b) can't get onto to question 9 or above. the link isn't working

Question:The definition of dilation in geometry is : Dilation is a similarity transformation in which a figure is enlarged or reduced using a scale factor 0, without altering the center. When you want to dilate a coordinate, you take the cooardinate and multiply by the scale factor. However, what if you do want to change the altering center? How do you perform dilation then? i am referring to this website: http://www.icoachmath.com/sitemap/dilation.html

Answers:You'll need to do a coordinate system transformation such that the center changes from (x,y,z) to (x',y',z').

Question:Can anyone explain to me how to figure out the new measurements of a 10 by 15 rectangle if it were to be enlarged by a scale factor of 6/5? I need to know how to find the individual new length and width of the figure Thanks for any help you can provide!

Answers:i think its 12 by 18

Question:Hi, I am currently worried about my project in math. We are supposed to find an object and enlarge it using scale factor. I used a box of playing cards. The scale factor was 1 to 5. In order to make the model five times as big, I multipled the length, height and width by five and built the model with those measurements. It's really big though so I'm worried I did it wrong. Did I?

Answers:Nope. You did it exactly right. It seems SO big because the scale factor of five is actually multiplying the volume by 125. So... that's why you were worried :)