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figures of speech and their examples

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Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech is a hip hop group consisting of MCs Eve and Jyant. They performed at the Good Life Cafe in the early 90s and were featured on the Project Blowedcompilation.

Eve (Ava DuVernay) went on to direct the feature-length documentary about the Good Life open-mic nights entitled This is the Life (2008).


In 2007, Figures of Speech released their first album The Last Word exclusively on iTunes.

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Answers:This site lists the top 20 figures of speech and explains them. They are numbered 1-20, and you can click on each one to get examples. http://grammar.about.com/od/rhetoricstyle/a/20figures.htm


Answers:busy as a bee fat as a pig fast as a racehorse its raining cats and dogs eat like a bird dumb as a doorknob busy as a beaver dumb as a box of rocks swims like a fish sinks like a rock happy as a clam


Answers:This could help: http://grammar.about.com/od/rhetoricstyle/a/20figures.htm

Question:Mostly common ones please..........thank you!!!! i need to know 20 figures of speeches commonly used in 2008.... Can someone help...I would really appreciate it!!! thanks to everyone who "actually" helped....and i already had some...i was just trying to think of some more........but thanks anyway...

Answers:Figure speech are the Elements in Literature, like in a poem are the Similes, Metaphors, Allegory, Vision, Oxymoron, etc. Examples: Metaphor: "My life's the stage of a comedy". Simile: "Juliet's like the sunshine upon my face". Here's a great site to help you out with: http://www.examples-help.org.uk/ This one also, that has Many Examples for each category: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art14105.asp

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Figures of Speech :A quick lesson on four figures of speech.

Figures of Speech :A video about figures of speech. Hope you enjoy. This is for my computer project. -AndrewGo